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As you can somewhat tell by the update title, this week is inspired by the fact I recently decided to remodel a rather large room. A week, a few trash bags, and a whole lot of bad words later every piece of wallpaper is gone! Just a little sidenote to any of those out there that wish to put wallpaper up: unless you want to spend the next half of your natural life taking it down...don't put it up. You'll regret it if you do. Seriously.

In the art section of the world, there isn't a whole lot to say. Our updates have grown by two works, from the usual six to a new eight. So that means you guys have to submit even more to me and you need to do it with the correct guidelines! Six out of the eight works you see in this update violated a guideline somewhere along the way, from naming the file (yourname_title.jpg!), the subject box ( [SUBMISSION] - Your name - Artwork title ) to even a few slip-ups with capitalization in the filename (lower case, please!). I obviously accepted them since some may have been disoriented by the April Fools joke, but we won't do it for long! Please, make sure you follow the guidelines. My e-mail organizes itself by the guidelines, including sending me anything with the word "submission" to my personal inbox checked daily. That means if you title it "Fanart" I will probably delete it with spam!

Finally, E3 season is gearing up some around the site and I must say I am very geared for the event even if it is a month away. Since I'm a stickler for sharing experiences I will be keeping a journal starting the night before the event and ending the day the event ends. When I return home I will get it up and everyone can see a little of what it is like to live the E3 experience! Now, tell me I don't show you guys some love.

Oh, right. Fred, put the gun down. Now say it.

- Jeff "Just plain odd" Walker


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