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Hi there fan art lovers. Once again, apologies for the slow update but when your arms end up sunburnt you end up not being able to type for than a few words every few minutes. Add into that a nephew's birthday, getting new furniture, people moving in and out, and preparing to remodel a huge room you end up with a lot standing in your way. Here I am, though, alive and well.

As it stands right now, I do not have enough to update again. I have currently 4 artworks ready for the next update. I would love to have 8, but if I am not given 8 I will simply update with 4. I'm a little tired of harping on needing submissions. Just remember the content of this section depends on you guys. If you submit, you have big updates on time. If you do not submit you have an update when I have enough works or annoying filler updates.

The archives are up to date again after having fallen off the wagon for a while. I plan on getting back to rewriting our guidelines and procedures soon. You'd all be happy to know now I am sending out acceptance letters. If you do not receive a letter your work was not accepted or I did not receive it. If you feel confident I did not receive it, simply resend it. I am at a new e-mail host with better filters so you may get hit with the filter. I have yet to see any problem as long as you follow the guidelines of [SUBMISSION] Your Name - Work Name. These get forwarded directly to my private e-mail.

I hope everyone had or is having a great spring break. I'd like to thank those who submitted recently and those who submit often. Constant submitters like Look, Pamala Ramali, Hue Vang, Maeva, and others really keep my backlog intact and make updates more regular; so follow their lead. Submit any fan art to me-- you just may see your piece here!

- Jeff "Fake Wings" Walker


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