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I know, I know. I'm very, very late and yet again I have many an excuse including people taking finals, the mail server going down quicker than Anna Nicole on an old guy, and countless personal surprises including my brother moving back in and tons of housework. You can just choose which one you like, cause all of them happened and all of them delayed fan art for this time.

Now on to the more important stuff. First off, we need submissions both for updates and for backlog. I pretty much obliterated our backlog on this update with 5 of the 6 being used in this update. That means I won't be able to update an artwork update unless you send me your artwork. Also, submission of tutorials is hereby postponed due to multiple virii hitting the stage at the same time, all sending to me in the form I told you guys to submit tutorials. Unwittingly, I opened one that appeared to be from a respected artist here, and found myself with a trojan, not a tutorial.

Finally, I will be out of town and out of commission from May 10-17. I have been invited along with RPGamer to E3 and I will be staying over a couple days to relax and get to enjoy my surroundings. That means for that week or so, you will not see fan art, but if you'd like to see me (you know you want to, admit it...) I'll be all over E3 action. Consider this your two months advanced warning.

I'd like to also say this: I did not have romantic relations with that woman, Ms. Paws-enski

- Jeff "Boof" Walker


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