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Oy, I almost fell back to a month there. Before I get any hate mail let me explain what I've been doing this path month. I haven't touched Fan Art, but I have been working my butt off in the awards area of the site. For almost a month solid, I have been working day in and day out on awards. I designed the new page, coded it myself, put in all the categories, put together all the images, did all the little blurbs at the top. When I finished that and you guys finally started voting, I was immediately designing results pages, coding them just right, getting staff results tabulated. When I finally finished that, I had to start writing immediately for the results pages. We're still working right now, even. I still have some to write, and to proof all of the pages. I have had maybe 2 days off of awards since two weeks before they started, two weeks before Christmas. Yes, I was even working on Christmas day and on New Years to get this all together. I've been very busy in that area.

With that said, I dearly apologize to the fans of this area of the website for letting updates go for nearly a month. It was very careless of me to devote all of my time to one section while neglecting the section I was hired to bring you. Though I was still working on a section, and working hard, I should not have abandoned this section for so long. I hope everyone understands that though I was not bringing you Fan Art regularly, I was hard at work bringing another section of the site to life. Not to mention, you should see many newly fixed game pages and many updated to the newest layout. We still have some errors, though. I am working hard, even if you aren't seeing an update here.

Finally, I resume my call for fan art for rarer games. We had a submission for .hack today, which I am proud to bring you. However, there are many games still without any art. I want to try to at least put one fan art in every game page by the end of the year. It's a heafty goal, and we'll probably fail miserably but it is better to attempt than to ignore. So, if you have a quality artwork along the lines of what you see here, or if you want to put your artwork to the test against the guidelines of this section please send it in.

Soon we will start sending out acceptance letters when we accept artwork. When I start doing this, I ask that no one replies as I already am getting 140-170 e-mails a week. Quite a lot of it I delete and may catch your letter in it.

A small final note. Many of you still fail to follow our guidelines for submission. These guidelines are clearly outlined for you in the FAQ section. I had to delete a couple of artworks that were truly good pieces for not following guidelines, and with over 100 spam e-mails a day I'm probably deleting some others on accident. Follow our guidelines, it will assure that I see your artwork and could be the deciding factor of being accepted or turned down.

- Jeff "-5 Update Points" Walker


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