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Our mail servers decided to work not long after I posted the last update, and no submissions were in there so here I am. A large thank you to those 5 people who sent in holiday themed submissions. Hopefully the next theme update will be a bit more popular and scheduled away from mid-terms and shopping.

This is a short update. Keep an eye out for tutorials and the sidebar getting a small update soon. I know I promised tutorials before the end of the year but some other responsibilities have decided to pop up. I promise they will be here soon...seriously.

Thats it for this week, I hope everyone has a joyful Christmas and the like. I'll see you guys on the '04. May your New Years be happy and, most of all, safe. Which means be responsible if you decide to celebrate with drinking. Designated drivers and even free taxi services exist for a reason. If you pick up the glass, make sure you've picked up the phone for your ride home before. That's it for the PSA of the week, adios!

- Jeff "Auld Lang Syne" Walker


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