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What If...?
"What If...?"
Artwork by Chakaru
Link - Legend of Zelda
    >> I Hear Violins

Well, I promised a new design and here it is. This isn't exactly the one I had planned on giving everyone, but it works very well for many reasons. First, it puts the art back on display. In the previous layout, I felt like my words were taking precident over the art. In some cases that was ok, but when we had some great artwork it seemed a tad egocentric. So, to remedy this I put the artwork back on the top of the page, because that is what you're here to see

Next was the fact our tumbnails were getting into the range of 5kb as gifs, when you have 8 of them per update you end up with 40kb for a page, which can be a bit much for some people. So, I shrunk them down in favor of a smaller thumbnail with a smaller size. This also gives more room for more artworks down the line. It also means less scrolling, but also less to preview. Then I had to put the info somewhere, and this is a throwback to classic print design. Columned to work just right, and it does.

The next large change, as you can see, is the sidebar. The long list of links is gone in favor for a more compact image standard, which will allow for more content and less words. We're in a society now that would rather look than read. As such, I decided to go with a more modern approach to the classic link list. I then moved all the text for links down so it is still visable but it is not the major aspect of the design, which is focused on providing you with quick access to artwork as well as being savvy with the times of design. Overall, I believe it really provides much more flexibility for the future of this column. It gives some amount of difficulty in editing the source, but it also allows for a more classy look.

All images are mouse-overable. The side toolbar holds most of the old links you need like submit, contact, and archives. I urge all of you to check the new Rules page, it has been changed and as such you are obligated to read it before you submit a work to me. The changes are to the picture naming scheme, now I have decided it is to be and remain in this format: "artist_title.jpg". If your name is Bob Jobob and the piece called Lulu's Fight, you will name it "bobjobob_lulusfight.jpg". Also added is a new subject line requirement, from now on all submissions are to have the subject line in this format: [SUBMISSION] - Artist Name/Alias - Picture Title.

Contest is this Halloween, all entries are due by Oct. 30. A big thanks to Googleshng for trying, tuinte for coding this, and me for designing it. Love makes the world go round, just don't love on me. This update was to go up a few weeks ago, celebrating the 5 years of fan art. I could not get it up, however it is still a celebration. Thank you for 5 wonderful years, 1 of which soon will belong to yours truly.

- Jeff "Badaboom" Walker


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