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Yeah, I've really been slacking off lately but it's for a good reason. Including working on some new tutorials with my beautiful Wacom tablet. I'm working, just in a very not-here sense.

This is also a reminder that the contest will be ending October 29th at 12:00 AM CST. This will put all artworks for submission in my inbox on October 30th, and an update on October 31st. All just in time for all of us to be sucking down candy and watching Rocky Horror Picture Show. You must watch Rocky Horror this year, it's your fan art homework. Besides, you all want Frank N. Furter.

Speaking of men in stockings, which has nothing to do with this next statement. Last week's update was from the awesome Josh Groban, a very talented singer. If you want to check him out go to

In other news, there is no other news. This is a short intro this time, isn't it? Come on you know you want to say it was. Say it. Say it before I chop off your hands!

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"One of the Greatest"
Artwork by Farris
Virginia - Wild ARMs 3

Artist's Comments: This is a pic of the leader of Wildarms 3, this game is one of the best I played because of the length and depth, I played through it 3 times in a row to get the secrets and such, I drew her cause she very cute, this work was done in pencils inked with a papermate pen and colored with Crayola and Prismacolor colored pencils

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"Don't Move!"
Artwork by Bombace
Rudo - Phantasy Star 2

Artist's Comments: Watercolour and some photoshop effects ( gun lightning). I like Rudo, he's one of the greater character from this game : the only one with a gun, a great design .. I'm waiting for the PS2 3d ages remake, it will be so great !

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"Through the Fire"
Artwork by chakaru
Cloud - Final Fantasy 7

Artist's Comments: Yes, I know that Cloud is one of the "older" PRG - characters and that there have been plenty of artworks of him already.But since "FF7" was the first playstation game I EVER played, I still think he is kinda cool. At first I wanted to draw a new pic, but then I found this REALLY old one (I think I made that one sometime around 2001... whee, that is old) and worked it over in Photoshop 5.0. Hope you like it.

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"Tidus' Surf"
Artwork by Hue Vang
Tidus - Final Fantasy 10

Artist's Comments: This was an old drawing that I did on Photoshop 6. I was playing the game at the time and so I just did this piece. It was fun adding the detail in this drawing and putting everything together.

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Artwork by Maeva
Aeris - Final Fantasy 7

Artist's Comments: I just wanted to draw Aerith^^ she is a lovely character and I still have a lot of fun when I'm drawing her hair :3 done with watercolors and inks~

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"Gremio's Stew"
Artwork by Mizzy Fantaju
Gremio - Suikoden

Artist's Comments: It's Gremio~! I have been playing Suikoden alot during summer^^ so I decided to draw him~ I'm proud of this one^^ one of my best work! Is'r Gremio a wonderful person? X3

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Artwork by noa
Link, Aryll - Legend of Zelda: Wind Waker

Artist's Comments: I was trying to get that whole wind waker style down with this drawing. I really did love that game, it was so cute. I think I'd buy a game cube just to play it again (I borrowed it from a friend the first time).Line art was done in Painter, colors were done in Photoshop.

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"Tir Culture"
Artwork by Sair
Tir, Gremio - Suikoden

Artist's Comments: This was actually a gift for my buddy Amei over at Third Strike (, who requested a Suikoden I sketch. I wanted something that was loose (and to that end, the entire image was drawn on the fly in Painter 7), yet might sport a fully developed background. And by god, I actually had fun with those big, romanesque stones of Toran castle.

Blessed Be

Thats another update done. I hope everyone enjoyed it, I know I did! Don't forget to guess this week's "theme" in the update thread. I don't consider guesses a spam if they come into my inbox, I just may not see them. Congratulations to the 1 person who got it. You are my savior.

Also, in a week or so...I will be posting a lot of works. So, if you're good boys and girls I may post everything I have and everything I get. That's a big if, though!

- Jeff "Baby demon" Walker

I'm trying, I promise!

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