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"Zell, Remade"
Artwork by Jane Chen
Zell - Final Fantasy 8

Artist's Comments: Zell is one of my favorite FF characters. When drawing him, I took particular interest in his tattoo and the slightly mischievous look of his mien, since both aspects are definitive of Zell. The hardest part of this picture is probably Zell's skin tone, with the hair coming in a close second. Photoshop 7.0 and Intuos2 were my tools.

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Artwork by Beebeefoke
Aeris, Cloud - Final Fantasy 7

Artist's Comments: I finished FF VII recently...and this was too hard for me...

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Artwork by Cyllya
Zelos, Genius - Tales of Symphonia

Artist's Comments: Heh, I saw something like this depicted in a screenshot. ^o^ I tried to do this with Paint BBS, but again, my browser messed up. -_-; So all the green magic-y effect stuff is made in PSP.

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"Curious Momo"
Artwork by Starchaser
Momo - Breath of Fire 3

Artist's Comments: I love Momo's design, she's just such a cute character, one of the few game girls who are not stick skinny and wearing skin tight clothing, or next to nothing. That's why I was so excited to discover that you could apprentice under her in Breath of Fire IV!

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Artwork by Tidus-chan
Cloud - Final Fantasy 7

Artist's Comments: Well...this is an opld fan art I drew,and the first Ehrgeiz one,and also the first one I ever sent to this site(so I'm very happy)now..bout the pic...Some people said this was one of the best I ever did,I think there worng.While this looks cool and all...I never really liked it as much.There's ALOT of mistakes that I can pick out,and very few I could fix...greanted,yes,it's an old pic,and of course,I'm MUCH better now,and it's only naturall that I bash this pic...but bah.

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"Emotion Revolution"
Artwork by Katya
Sephiroth - Final Fantasy 7

Artist's Comments: I love to draw Sephiroth so I did this for an art appreciation project to express our emotions with colors. Sephiroth represents myself, the meteor represents my anger and hatred. The double wing is my conscience and finally, the safer sephiroth represents my satisfaction and happiness so there is a misshapen halo since it is not the dominant side. Pretty much Sephiroth's emotions as well.

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"Great Gospel"
Artwork by Sefie Gainsborough
Aeris - Final Fantasy 7

Artist's Comments: Ahh, I can't believe how hard I've worked on this! It's Aeris doing her ultimate Limit Break, Great Gospel. I realize that the background's on a different angle than her, but as it's a screen shot that couldn't be helped.

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"Hot or Cold?"
Artwork by Kujabie
Kuja, Zidane - Final Fantasy 9

Artist's Comments: My first picture done in Microsoft paint. Kuja tries to hit the pinata ^__^; For Zaneh!

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"Jedi Powers"
Artwork by Kashi
Unknown - Kingdom Hearts

Artist's Comments: This was originally a more colorful picture, but it ended up a little too.. ehh.. no sure what it was, but I didn't like it. After some filter smacking, I thought it looked pretty good as wallpaper. Enjoy.

thumbnail - click to view
Artwork by Tisbore
Black Mage - Final Fantasy 1

Artist's Comments: inspiration from others art is always great. fan art can help you practice something you would like to improve. but copying line for line. you dont learn anything. but to follow the lines and try to figure out why other artist drew that certain line. picture it, dont copy it.

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"Aww! Look at the Dolly!"
Artwork by noa
Merede, Quickie, Reid - Tales of Destiny 2

Artist's Comments: I did this on oekaki quite some time when the game first came out, and yet its still one of my favorites. I really loved this game, I just wish I could find the first one u_u There should be more ToD2 fan art out there...I'm just to lazy to draw it ehehehehehe :3

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"Real Emotion"
Artwork by Karen Kozlowski
Tidus, Yuna - Final Fantasy X

Artist's Comments: i've always loved the sweet story between these too.. i was only trying to capture it..

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"Final Battle in Stained Glass"
Artwork by Patorik
Link, Ganondorf - Legend of Zelda: Wind Waker

Artist's Comments: I consider myself to be a fairly good artist, so when I saw the official Stained Glass pictures, I figured I could make one of my own. While there are a couple of mistakes that I can see, I'm happy with it. This took weeks to finish, and was drawn in Flash.

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"Teddy Kimahri"
Artwork by Beebeefoke
Lulu, Kimahri - Final Fantasy X

Artist's Comments: well I just want to draw Lulu because she's lovely gorgeous...

Only the Night Sky Knows

I hope that made up for the long time you went without updates. Next week I will be answering questions you have for me on the contest, so if you have any please post them in the update forum for this update and I will answer them publically. Thats all I have for this update. Stay safe until next week, which will probably end up being next month at the rate I'm going. Also, I am asking that we please start holding off on the Final Fantasy. I know it is the most popular title of RPG games, but we are simply accumulating too many right now. There are many other great titles out there so start looking for other games to play and draw, because Final Fantasy art here is nearing it's breaking point.

- Jeff "Fate Breaker" Walker

To guess, please do it in the update thread.

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