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...I will update! These past two weeks have not been friendly for updates of any kind. First a wedding to plan for my brother sucks up a lot of time. Then watching the bride's family and such and then the ACTUAL wedding...I don't think I even saw my weekend until it was too late. Then this week popped up and did you know it's already almost Wednesday? Ungodly! However, I've finally pushed everything aside to get me an hour or two just to update. So, let's get this show on the road!

Oh, and I hope to update next week on time, everything should be nice and quiet then. I hope. Sob.

Edit in, 5 minutes after posting column: These past few days have been, as I said above, really hectic for me. I totally missed something that shocks me. I'm not one to keep quiet when I see something that shocks me. I just found out about Google's departure, or ousting I should say. I won't say how screwed up it is, especially so quickly...but I will say, when I was just READING RPGamer, I really enjoyed reading Google's questions and answers. Google was the one who gave me the time of day back when I first started, and Google was the one who helped me so much. Without Googleshng, I would not have been able to catch on to things to do so quickly. I am very sad to learn about Google's departure after the fact, and I'm taking this space to write the letter I would have if I hadn't been busy.

Google, thank you for writing such an enjoyable, informative column week after week. You didn't have to constantly be sarcastic, you didn't have to have much of a schtick, you did the job and you did it well. Thank you. Also, I want to say to anyone who reads Q&A, it's not an easy job. Please, don't bash everyone who fills in with "You're nto as good as this person, they're better!" That's wrong to whoever steps into the position, even temporarily. While everyone may like Google's approach, don't force someone else to try to be like that for your enjoyment, because Q&A is about answers, not about giving readers a place to go to laugh at others. Again, thank you Google for 4 enjoyable years. I'm just as shocked as many other readers of your column.

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   Some fanart thats not going to make me take pictures at the reception  
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Artwork by Ling
Female Priestess - Ragnarok Online

Artist's Comments: Ragnarok Online is indeed just plain crack and I... just... can't... stop... ;_; Anyway, this is a fanart of one of my good priestess friends from the MMORPG in the town of Aldeberan. It began as a sketch in blue ballpoint ink, but I later scanned it and digitally inked/painted it. "Wings of Heaven" refers to our guild. :3

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"Les Frères Figaro"
Artwork by Guillaume
Edgar, Sabin - Final Fantasy 6

Artist's Comments: I recently discovered that FF6 characters are very fun to draw, imo, so here's the result! XD Edgar and Sabin are so cool characters (like every other FF6 character in fact ^^;), and their story was so interesting (the coin toss sequence of the game is so moving ToT). I'll be selling prints of this at Otakon btw, if anyone's interested look for it at The Artcorner table in the artist alley (such shameless advertisment, tisk tisk XD;; ). This was done with inks and colored in Painter.

thumbnail - click to view
"Link and Navi"
Artwork by Sujay Sharma
Link, Navi - Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time

Artist's Comments: I did this in pencil and finished it in about 2 weeks. I am quite happy about how it turned out. I DID NOT trace this. I took Link's pose from a magazine but did it in freehand. I was inspired to make this art after playing Ocarina of Time; I still think that this Link is better than the one from Wind Waker. I always wondered what Navi's face looked like so I decided to give her a dainty appearance as befitting a fairy. Enjoy!

thumbnail - click to view
Artwork by Cyllya
Lloyd, Collet, Genius, Refill - Tales of Symphonia

Artist's Comments: This one themed oekaki board I go to had "Teachers" as its theme, and it made me want to draw Refill. Then I got to thinking "Why are Lloyd's grades so bad?" Maybe this is why? :p Well, my browser messed up about 75% of the way through the line art, so most of what you see is the product of PSP. I'm not too hot with building backgrounds at all, but I'm even worse in PSP... >_<

thumbnail - click to view
Artwork by R2R
Wakka - Final Fantasy X

Artist's Comments: Wakka’s my Favorite Character. I only draw the ones that really inspires me. It really depends on the characters relation to the story. How he/she functions in the group or as a Hero. It doesn’t have to be always the lead character. Like in FF8’s Squall(or Leon) what a jerk! I didn’t really enjoyed playing him at all. I’m more interested in Zell and Quistis. Get the picture?

thumbnail - click to view
"White Rose"
Artwork by Rico and Miria
White Rose - SaGa Frontier

Artist's Comments: I've had this line art from Miria sitting around for a while, and am quite fond of it. I finally decided to try my hand at coloring it, and I'm pleased with how it turned out. I tried messing around with a few different styles, and I think the softness and relative simplicity work well with the delicateness of the character and pose.

thumbnail - click to view
"Windian Princess"
Artwork by Harry Cone
Nina - Breath of Fire

Artist's Comments: I am a big fan of the Breath of fire series, and I had noticed a lot of Nina pics, but almost none of them were from the original Breath of Fire, and that was my favorite Nina. So on a rainy day I drew a pic of Nina, the windian princess.

thumbnail - click to view
"Professional Star Catcher"
Artwork by Kelly Chilton
Link - Legend of Zelda: Wind Waker

Artist's Comments: My first fanart for a game I've never played! (made it for a friend) Anyways I made it Photo Shop 7, I really think I'm getting better at it! The moon was really difficult, but I like it. The rays of light I think are the coolest. And Link's victory pose is just way cool, holding that star like that. I hope I was able to pull of the game's certain style, that proved a challenge in it's own. I hope you like it.


Good job to those who got last update, it was FFX-2's theme song 1000 no Kotoba and Real Emotion. Anywho, keeping this short and saying keep it real, yo.

- Jeff "Yo yo, ma" Walker

Boo! No guesses this week.

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