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I'm late late late, but I have good excuses complete with doctor notes. Two weeks ago I had the flu, last week I had a stomach bug, and Sunday was a family gathering day. By the time I could update, my feet fell off, my hard drive errored, and my bedtime was pushed up 4 hours early.

A section for contests in the archive will be coming up soon. I hope everyone enjoyed it, we may do another one down the line, but keep in mind I am poor as heck, so I can't do much in the way of prizes.

Quick little blurb. Read the guidelines. Apparently there is some confusion over how a file is to be named. I wand the file in this format: "NameOfArtwork_YourName.jpg", no caps in your title. I'll be revising the rules again to make sure this is reflected there. Also, soon I hope to test some different layout concepts as well as fixing the fanart pages I didn't get to.

Just for the wondering, yes I'm burnt out already, so give me a little time in doing all of this. Now, let's hit the artwork, b-iz-oys and gi-iz-rls.

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"Magic Storm!"
Artwork by Cyllya
Fulein, Mark, Volga, Macaron - Tales of the World: Summoner's Lineage

Artist's Comments: Fulein's "Magic Storm" spell is soooo cool. It slaughters everything. ^_^ I couldn't get it to look as cool as it should though, because I didn't have a reference picture and had to do it from memory. ;_; This pic was done with Paint BBS v2.19_4.

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"Sand, Surf, and Sword"
Artwork by Dennis Poon
Agrias, Chocobo - Final Fantasy Tactics

Artist's Comments: It's been a long time since I last touched FFT; this time, I finally got to play it completely through! Yay for nostalgia. Okay, now about the pic... I let Agrias' hair down (no braids) to make her look less formal (and yeah, got rid of her armour too, while I was at it :P). And no, Agrias isn't planning to kill the Chocobo (though in the game, they're DAMN annoying, especially the red ones...)!

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Artwork by Rujuken
Female Squire, Mime, Ninja - Final Fantasy Tactics

Artist's Comments: I'll be honest. I HATE this piece but I'm submitting it anyway. I made the mistake of trying to paste the characters into an enviroment I made. But ignoring the crappy background I do think the characters are done pretty well. The Mime is copying the Squire's stance and the Ninja is getting a kick out of it, if you can't tell. Also if you can't tell I put Chocobo prints on the Squire's stockings.

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Artwork by Faith
Ashely, Samantha, Romeo - Vagrant Story

Artist's Comments: Never been much for fanart, but this game had a really unique look... I had to try doing it justice. Not sure if I succeeded, but it was still fun.

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"KH Cloud"
Artwork by Karrey
Cloud - Kingdom Hearts

Artist's Comments: Ok, I didn't play the game YET, because it's kept at my home - and since I live at a dormitory, I couldn't bring it. [ok, I am loosing subject... sorry!] But, I just realised that I am not doing as much fan art as I used to, so I decided to draw one. I liked Cloud's design in Kingdom Hearts, so I tried to aim for it. I don't know if I got it completely right, or if I overdid it with all the reds. O_O; Drawn in Painter 6.

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Artwork by Tana
Link - Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask

Artist's Comments: I told Jeff that there hasn't been too many curators at RPGamer that actually motivated me to submit works; but he's doing a great job so I'm working on my own private backlog of fanart to submit to him. The benefit he gets though, is that he'll get to see all the stuff I've done with the benefit of going to art school. Anyone who looks in the archives can tell how bad I was in Highschool. This piece I did after playing Majora's Mask and the Oracle titles. It was done with Prismacolor Marker and Pastel dust. yay. ^_^

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Artwork by Silverflames1304
Rikku - Final Fantasy X-2

Artist's Comments: this is the first time i've ever sent in any fan art, so i hope that everything goes smooth ^.^ after i inked it in, i felt really good about it and the coloring turned out okay. the only thing that bothers me is her right arm and the dagger.... v_v;; it just dosent look like she can physically hold it like that, but oh well.. hehe. i think it turned out fine.

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"The Sky is High"
Artwork by Landale
Female Berserker - Ragnarok Online

Artist's Comments: Haven't been drawing that much lately, but Here's something really new^^ I just finished it XD I think I'm finding my CGing style now. It's..yet again... Elazul. In blue dyestuffed clothes and Angelhelm~ It looks awesome on her I might add^^ the armor and such has been a bit modified fer my own likings, such as adding a pattern to the metal, and fur under the chainmail. The bluejewel on her chest, is her core. It's because she's the Lapis Lazuli jumi Knight (jumi is a race from Legend of Mana whose cores are their to speak). Hm...well I wanted to draw some big bad monster, but, then this came to mind^^ In the first version, there was an orchero helm, but orc's have another color on their blood, and I didn't wanna change the blood. So I drew a ...Mushroom XD (that looked cool too) and Suddenly the urge to draw a spore came...I like em^^ I'm aware of some faults in this picture... but about the sword; she can hold a heavy 2h sword like that~ She's a berserker too, I might add. The sword is Cleid own creation.

Trickle Sniffles

I still have sniffles. Send me soup, that or computer parts so I can upgrade my system. Must...have...GeForce...and...280...gigs. That is all, read the guidelines, and you guys stay safe. As for me, FLEE TO BED!

- Jeff "I promised!" Walker

Mr. Purple Elephant says Nytequil is bad for me.

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