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This update is huge. At final count, this update has 29 artworks included. 21 of which are from our Character Redesign contest. Thanks to everyone who submitted, every submission is posted this week for the contest. We have a 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place as well as runners-up, and countless honorable mentions including some art from yours truly.

Also, I hate to mention this because it really gets to be repeating myself. I rewrote the guidelines and the FAQ. This means there are new formats, new rules, and new information. Please, before you submit another piece, give the updates a look. Every submission I have received this week has been artist_title.jpg, I do not want this any more. Doing this can result in overwritten works, I want you to put it as title_artist.jpg, and starting soon I will no longer be accepting titles that are just the names of the characters. The reason for this is I do not check the artworks when I upload, after 2 hours of work, I'm ready to finish. Your works can be overwritten and even lost if you name every work you do something like: "cain_lulu.jpg". I, personally, have 5-6 arworks on here of Lulu. Imagine if they were all named the same. If you want to title it "Lulu", thats ok, but do not have your file name "cain_lulu.jpg" or anything like it. I'll probably throw it into backlog which has 20 works in it now. Read the new info, follow it, and please don't deviate too much. I get 100 or so e-mails in 2 days.

On the same subject, and ironically about subjects, please do not leave your subject field blank. I get 60 spam e-mails and sometimes I will delete your work thinking it is spam. Put something like "Fanart Submission: Black Magic Woman - CainEJW" so I will know that it is not spam, it is a submission.

Finally, if you haven't, please give a look to OneUp Studios and their Time and Space album. right here(new window will pop up).

With that covered, we move on to the artwork. This is the normal 8-works update. The contest submissions, winners, etc will be at the end of the normal update.

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   New Fan Art  
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Artwork by Rye
Calintz - Magna Carta

Artist's Comments: i liked how the colors turned out although it looks kinda bland because i became too lazy (as always) to paint the background

thumbnail - click to view
"Chibi Gang of FF7"
Artwork by Aitor Gonzalez
Cloud, Sephiroth, Moogle, Rufus Shinra, the Turks - Final Fantasy 7

Artist's Comments: Moogle was meant to have a chocobo under him (like in the summon).

thumbnail - click to view
Artwork by babyjami
Cloud - Kingdom Hearts

Artist's Comments: well, first off, i realize his hand is large :P i usually draw larger hands.. it's my style. the background is pretty lame too, but.. whatever. all in all i'm pretty happy with it.

thumbnail - click to view
"Heroes of Hyrule"
Artwork by Tana
Link, Sheik - Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time

Artist's Comments: Yay! More personal backlog! If you can't already tell I'm a Nintendo brat and therefore a Zelda fanatic. You know, it took me less than a week to pass Wind Waker, but I need to go back through and get all the little goodies and finish my mini-gallery. I always love when they actually give Zelda more personality than the damsel in distress, which probably why I liked the animated series (anyone remember that? ^_^). Anyway, here I've drawn Zelda as Sheik from Ocarina, but without her headwrappings. Prismacolor Markers again. Jeff rules, submit work to him!

thumbnail - click to view
Possible Spoiler!
Artwork by Rujuken
Ryu, Nina, Teepo - Breath of Fire 3

Artist's Comments: Uh-oh, now you've done it Teepo. You've made Ryu mad. I tried to make this look like Teepo was provoking Ryu into fighting by attacking Nina. Ryu didn't turn out as good as I had hoped but Teepo and Nina look okay. Pretty good for my first time doing any Breath of Fire art, I guess.

thumbnail - click to view
Artwork by Eterna 2
Rikku - Final Fantasy X-2

Artist's Comments: Nosebleed... My favorite gal in Final Fantasy series... whahaa... sidenote: The braids are a real bother... no more Rikku for the moment...)

thumbnail - click to view
"Aria of Sorrow"
Artwork by Maeva
Soma - Castlevania: Aria of Sorrow

Artist's Comments: I love this game!!! this castlevania is the best for me with Symphony of the night! it's fun to play and the story is really cool. Soma is an interesting character! I love the way he use souls *_* it's a so good idea! I colored my fanart with watercolors and inks. The souls are done with paint shop pro ^_^ and that's all

thumbnail - click to view
"Traveling to the Past"
Artwork by Angel Thesis
Monica - Dark Cloud 2

Artist's Comments: Monica, from DC2. Well, let's see. I drew it for a contest on a forum I go to(yes, I lost). I had to draw a character from a game OTHER than Final Fantasy and, at that current time, I was playing Dark Cloud 2 and I decided to draw Monica. In the game, she's the one Character I enjoy playing as. Don't ask why, I just don't like playing as Max. If you would, please excuse the crappiness of her hair. I'm still trying to get used to shading hair and the such.. Ho-hum.. Anything else I wanted to add..? Oh yeah. I adore her expression. It like she has this: "Don't tempt me.." look. Anyway, that's about it. I'd like some comments on the picture from people who view this, to see what they like and dislike about it.

   Results - Character Redesign Contest - Winners  
thumbnail - click to view
"Castlevania Revisited"
Artwork by Tana
Alucard - Castlevania: Symphony of the Night

Artist's Comments: What's cooler than a vampire with long white hair? Answer: A vampire with long white hair and a cool pair of shades. I updated Alucard to the 21st Century, taking inspiration from some popular baddies like Blade, Spike(*sniff*), Eric Draven and yeah some Matrix influence. Yay!

thumbnail - click to view
"A New Look"
Artwork by chakaru
Aeris - Final Fantasy VII

Artist's Comments: After seeing so many screenshots and artworks of Final Fantasy X-2, I was just curious what other characters would look after a "makeover". So what if there was a Final Fantasy VII-2? What would a character like Aerith look like in a game like that? Well, this was my result. I did ALL the colouring in Photoshop so it looks a little weird..

thumbnail - click to view
"A Different Kind of Theif"
Artwork by kyuohki
Kid - Chrono Cross

Artist's Comments: I wanted something simple when I redesigned Kid, so I looked at how the official art was set up. Also, I liked how Chrono Trigger designed Shala and I wanted Kid to appear more like she did in the first game. Her hair's still blonde but that is a part of Kid that I didn't think needed changing. I tried to keep the art as similar to the Chrono Cross design (which was extremely hard...grrr...) I don't know how all of you will like this pic, so be nice? Pretty please?

   Results - Character Redesign Contest - Runners Up  
thumbnail - click to view
by cyllya
Myra - Tales of the World: Summoner's Lineage
thumbnail - click to view
"New White Mage"
White Mage - Final Fantasy I
thumbnail - click to view
"Redesigned Katt"
by Queen of Dorks
Katt - Breath of Fire 2
thumbnail - click to view
"Punk-Rock Princess"
Aeris - Final Fantasy 7
thumbnail - click to view
"Punk-Rock Princess"
Tifa - Final Fantasy 7
thumbnail - click to view
"Vampire Hunter Viktor"
by Jobey
Viktor - Suikoden 1, 2

   Results - Character Redesign Contest - Honorable Mention  
thumbnail - click to view
"Black Magic Woman"
Lulu - Final Fantasy X
thumbnail - click to view
"Blackmage Lulu"
Lulu - Final Fantasy X
thumbnail - click to view
by Seta Souji
Auron - Final Fantasy X
thumbnail - click to view
"Beauty and Two Beasts"
Auron, Lulu, Kimahri - Final Fantasy X
thumbnail - click to view
"Golden Angel"
Lenneth - Valkyrie Profile
thumbnail - click to view
"Goddess of Hell"
by Tess
Selphie - Final Fantasy 8
thumbnail - click to view
"World of Ruin"
Celes, Terra and Locke - Final Fantasy 6
thumbnail - click to view
"Celes Remix"
Celes - Final Fantasy 6
thumbnail - click to view
"Class Change"
Celes, Edgar - Final Fantasy 6
thumbnail - click to view
"Heian Courtier Setzer"
Setzer - Final Fantasy 6
thumbnail - click to view
"Neo Sephiroth"
by Jonathan Ray
Sephiroth - Final Fantasy 7
thumbnail - click to view
"Tidus Mouse"
Tidus - Final Fantasy X

That's a spicy meatball

Read the Guides. Read the FAQ. Read this. Start at the beginning of this sentence and do as it says until you know the guides by heart. If I get any artworks past this update that are not conforming, you have no reason to say you didn't know.

Congrats to our winners of the contest. Good job to all of those who submitted, and thanks for making it a hit. Maybe we'll do it again soon. For now, time to go back into my dark hole.

- Jeff "29 artworks? Am I insane?" Walker

This update took me 5 hours. Sadness.

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