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We're back, kinda. Hopefully there won't be any more long downtimes like that for me to fall into a procrastination funk again.

Notes of Interest this week include: read the guidelines, contest submissions will be accepted up until May 30th at 12 AM, and read the guidelines again. Any artwork which follows the guidelines for the submission will be put up. One person will win the coveted(hah!) prize of having the best redesign.

Advertisement time!

How many of you out there are fans of Video Game Music? Well, I know I'm one of them that love to hear game music isolated from the game. I also love to hear remixes, which brings us to the advertisement.

The folks at OneUp Studios put out a great album recently called Time & Space, which hit the sold out mark in no time. Now, the great people at OneUp Studios have remastered their sold out hit and are releasing it again. With such well-known remixing artists like Mustin, Dale North, Matt Pollard, and others this album is sure to be just as great as the last one. If you haven't checked out this remixed tribute to the great VGM mastermind Yasunori Mitsuda(Chrono Trigger, Chrono Cross) do so now!

If you would like to check out a review of their first released "Time & Space" check it out right here(new window will pop up).

If you would like to check out the preview tracks, and buy the album for $17.99 with $5 shipping worldwide, go right here(new window will pop up).

Now, on to the art! No comments this week, I'm having to rush the article this week.

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"Deep Dive"
Artwork by Wave
Sora - Kingdom Hearts

Artist's Comments: I love Kingdom Hearts! Well, actually, I think it was the two secret endings that were only explained through tons and tons of interpertations and analysis that made me like it. x_x; ... dark hooded cloaked figures with keyblades just rock. (The picture was 99% done in Opencanvas, and I did a few touchups with Photoshop)

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"Cloud in the Wind"
Artwork by Rujuken
Cloud - Final Fantasy 7

Artist's Comments: I tried to make this piece from a low perspective. Y'know like you're looking up at Cloud when you look at the picture. Also I wanted the wind blowing so that is why his hair looks a little askewed. I would have put some mountains and clouds in the background but pretty much suck at drawing landscapes. Anyway, I think the pic turned out pretty good.

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"coalition highway"
Artwork by nai
KOS-MOS, Shizon Ukuzi - Xenosaga

Artist's Comments: testing a new method of cg'ing original style version characters from xenosaga. process included: sketching characters, inking w/transparency paper, using 'easyshare' kodak digital camera to get pic cuz scanner was unavailable, kicking computer over several times with a 40 ft anal rectum pole for not downloading pictures, transferring image via internet briefcase (disks/zips/cds don't work on this computer), using photoshop for cg. now i have to work on a customer's charcoal portrait & feather mardi gras mask.. >.<;; *so tired.. num num* ( $ v $ ).. ps: might resemble a wallpaper.. but too small.

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"Link on the beach of Outset"
Link - Legend of Zelda: Wind Waker

Artist's Comments: Well, first time for everything. This is my first submission to RPGamer, and I surely hope it's good enough for your viewing pleasure. Done in mechanical pencil on copy paper, and colored in Photoshop. Picture in background taken by me, also.

thumbnail - click to view
"Lan Di-sama"
Artwork by Lord Wong
Lan Di - Shenmue

Artist's Comments: This guy looks very cool! The best video games villian(my pick). I like his style, and lots of thing, so i do his fanart. I can't wait for Shenmue 3!

thumbnail - click to view
Artwork by Filipe Aguiar
RAmar - Phantasy Star Online

Artist's Comments: This is a sketch of my character in PSO vr. I & II. I colored it with photoshop very fast and I think it gave to the drawing a good messy style...hein. :)

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"Rito Sunset"
Link - Legend of Zelda: Wind Waker

Artist's Comments: This is actually my first mouse-drawn art. I used Photoshop 6 on the whole thing. I figured since no one was drawing Wind Waker art, I might as well give it a shot. This actually turned out well compared to several other hand-drawn attempts at the new cel shaded style, so I went ahead and actually finished it!

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Artwork by Captain Kirk
Rinoa, Squall - Final Fantasy 8

Artist's Comments: Originally this was a pencil drawing(color-altered through photo editing) of just Rinoa, my fave character, but then I threw in Squall just to fill in some empty space. I wanted to emphasize Miss Heartilly's rebellious nature, which I think people tend to overlook.

I did this update 3 times.

Note to all: Don't work on HTML when people decide to control your power at whim. Stupid on-the-fly remodeling. That's about all for this update. Read guidelines, get submissions in for next week in by Saturday, 12 AM CST. Keep it real, yo.

- Jeff "Who stole my cookie?" Walker

Don't touch me there. Touch me THERE.

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