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Our archive is now up to the year 2000 and has 700 artworks, thats 178 new artworks from the last update. Next up is 2001, and hopefully in a week or two I can get back to regular updates and you can scream in happiness. I'm sorry for taking these weeks to update the archives but I'm someone that gets easily distracted, so I'd rather have one huge project in this place at a time. Unless it's a contest!.

Yes, that's right it's time to announce the first ever second ever or third ever, depends on how much you wanna flatter me but I digress, fan art contest! The rules will be simple, and the artwork will hopefully be grand beautiful pieces! If not, I have a shovel and body bags. No one would miss you.

Rules of the mini-contest

1. The character must be supported by this site. If you're not sure, look in the Games section. We currently support a whole slew of RPGs and even some we don't list.

2. The character must be redesigned in a noticable manner. The design cannot exist in the game. I don't want to see Yuna in blue dress and a bathing suit top. I want originality!

3. You must have your entries in 1 months time from now May 26th, 2003. If they aren't, then poo on you for not reading this.

See, I told you it'd be easy to follow. Since I'm still building my backlog up(I got 3 submissions this week, come on people! I know there's more talent out there!) there are no graphics of the art kind in this update. Start submitting some more art, kiddos! Blow my socks off, make me feel loved, send me $500 and show that talent. I'll be back next week with tons of talented artists just beating down my door, right?


In This Update...

New Art: 0 Works
Archive Work: 2000 done!
Changes: 1999 and 2000, no longer available.

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Update next week!

Next week, serious update with works. Send some stuff in, guys. If you don't send, I have to fill updates with artwork you may not like or just do a filler update. I can't do my job if I have no artwork. Also, I don't reply to messages just yet unless they're questions. So, if you don't see your artwork up here within two weeks that you submitted, it's either in backlogs or wasn't accepted. Send any art in, you never know what will be and won't be on here next! See you guys next week and hopefully we'll have 900 artworks in our archives and be closer to me being able to have hair again.

- Jeff "I didn't have that for lunch..." Walker

I bet you think this ending is about you. You're so vain.

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