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Phantom Hourglass

There was a big party this afternoon over at the Nintendo World Store at New York City's Rockefeller Center. The celebration was in the honor of the soon-to-be-released DS title, The Legend of Zelda: Phantom Hourglass, which officially goes on sale tomorrow. Hundreds of Zelda fans packed the store for a chance to win one of several prize copies of Phantom Hourglass, play it on one of the store's 24 DS gaming stations, or even purchase their own copy one full day ahead of the regular release date.

The party kicked off at 1pm and lasted throughout the afternoon until 4pm. Link showed up and was gracious enough to take pictures with fans. A custom made, one of a kind, special edition DS was on display; it went on sale at 1pm and was quickly sold a minute later to one lucky gamer for only US$279.99.

Other gamers didn't need to buy a copy of the game as they stood a chance to win one of several free copies simply by winning any of the day's contests. There were several ways fans could snag a copy: the knowledgeable could win in the trivia contests, the trendy could win in the Zelda cosplay contest, and the tactical gamers could win in the multiplayer tournament.

However, the party is now over, and the chance to buy Phantom Hourglass today has now passed. Gamers will now have to wait for tomorrow to purchase their own copies of the game. In the meantime, enjoy more photos and gameplay videos straight from the event.

Gameplay Video 1 (MPG) - 4:00 - 83.6 MB
Gameplay Video 2 (MPG) - 4:28 - 93.6 MB
Gameplay Video 3 (MPG) - 1:37 - 33.7 MB

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