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Slimes At E3
Thumbnail Metal slime knew where all the parties were at.
Thumbnail Even the Sega ones.
Thumbnail Though, it appears the Empire didn't take kindly to slimes in their territory.
Thumbnail Metal slime knew how to even make the photographers jealous.
Thumbnail Here we find that even Gumby likes to hang out with Metal Slime.
Thumbnail The slimes met up at Crave's poker table.
Thumbnail They even played a couple of rounds.
Thumbnail Having fun, they hit the floor of E3 and made friends with Mickey!
Thumbnail Even the slimes were left wide-eyed by Oblivion.
Thumbnail Of course, the fact they got the royal treatement didn't hurt.
Thumbnail The slimes almost got stuck on the Katamari!
Thumbnail The prince saved them though.
Thumbnail Metal slime showed its pals how to get in with the ladies.
Thumbnail The slimes hung out with Black Frost, the coolest frost in Atlus-town.
Thumbnail Though the other Frosts were more than willing to groove to the tune.
Thumbnail The slimes didn't think the Xbox 360 was that big.
Thumbnail The slimes try to convince Wayne Gretzky's statue that they aren't some sort of Fox Pucks.
Thumbnail The slimes certainly had a good time.
Thumbnail The slimes headed back to take on Tenzen... we think they did anyway.
Thumbnail How'd they do? Well... they wouldn't really tell us what happened to the other guy.
Thumbnail Pokemon approaches. Flee?
Thumbnail Apparently not. Slimes win the day, though not without casualty.
Thumbnail Following the fight, the slimes posed for a picture.
Thumbnail Drunk on their success, the slimes plotted escape from their captors, lulling them with a photo session.
Thumbnail The slimes turned on the photographers! Here we got a shot while running from the mighty onion slimes.
Thumbnail And of course, we have to give thanks to all our slime readers back home.
Thumbnail Run for it! They have their queen!
Thumbnail Metal slime is watching you.

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