Slime Adventures  

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Slimes At E3
Thumbnail The slime's signature was quite desired.
Thumbnail Even Tenzen shook at the thought of facing team slime.
Thumbnail Sneaking in, the slime didn't realize it'd caused a power outage until it was too late.
Thumbnail The slime hurried down to check out the history of video games. It wasn't that good at pingpong though.
Thumbnail The slime has found a friend, a brother, and Super Mario Brothers.
Thumbnail Of course, they needed to figure out who was the big slime. So they duked it out on the courts.
Thumbnail The slimes don't heed the warnings about prolonged Virtual Boy use.
Thumbnail The slime brothers kick it old school, not ignoring the roots in their tour of gaming history.
Thumbnail Together the slimes took on the ghosts.
Thumbnail Up, down, up, down, Donkey Kong didn't even see them coming.
Thumbnail The slimes saved the human race from the invading aliens. Really.
Thumbnail Metal slime headed off by himself, sneaking in the unorthodox route.
Thumbnail It was a slime with a mission. Naughty slime.
Thumbnail Metal slime had come to E3 to party, and party it did.
Thumbnail Though it did have time to check out Harvest Moon and make a new friend.
Thumbnail That being the sheep, of course.
Thumbnail Of course, the metal slime checked out the latest Everquest...
Thumbnail At least, we think it did.
Thumbnail Okay, metal slime was pimping in his spare time. We admit it.
Thumbnail Metal slime did take some time to pick up a phone and check out Musashi Mobile Samurai.
Thumbnail Assuming it didn't have other motivations...
Thumbnail Metal slime brought back loot to make the gods weep.
Thumbnail Shadow tried to take some, but he wasn't fast enough to catch the slimes.
Thumbnail The cool cats hung together of course between parties.

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