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Today, I was able to spend a little bit of time with an early version of Disgaea PSP. Though the game was still in Japanese and not complete, it was still easy to tell that a lot of work had gone into this game. The first thing to note was the complete lack of load times. This was quite impressive, especially considering that this is a PS2 game playing smoothly on the PSP. Not only did the game looks as good as it did on the PS2, it was also updated to take advantage of the widescreen of the PSP. This was done without cutting off the edges or expanding the image unnaturally.

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This screen needs no caption.

The gameplay was unchanged from the original version as I played through the first few tutorial battles. I wasn't able to explore all of the features since the game was still in Japanese, but knowing the layout of Disgaea, it was easy to figure out what to do. Disgaea PSP will offer quite a few new features when it hits later this year. This time it will offer multiplayer combat, new createable, playable characters, and four extra chapters featuring Etna. I wasn't able to jump into these just yet, but what I did play was seemless, if a little hard to understand.

Disgaea PSP may still be far off, but this first look was enough to show that lots of care has been taken to get the game up to par on the PSP. Fans of the series should enjoy the additional content and those that missed out on the PS2 version will finally get a chance to experience the game and all of its extras. This fall should be an interesting time in the realm of tactical RPGs when Prinnies debut on the PSP.

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