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RPGamer Speaks to Creators of Theseis



Today at E3, RPGamer spoke to the creators of the upcoming fantasy-adventure RPG, Theseis. Track 7 Games is a newly fledged development house out of Greece, the company's first to embark on such an ambitious project. As Vicky Valanos, Managing Director at Track 7, told us, "People have been using Greek mythology in their games for years, so we figured, what the heck, now it's our turn!"

To that end, Theseis will include a number of highly detailed cutscenes, featuring intensive dialogue in ancient Latin and Greek tongues. This attention to authenticity is sure to please history buffs, as well as anyone who has ever taken a fancy to the rich mythology of the ancient world.

The game itself is set, at least to begin with, in modern-day Greece, and players will find themselves in 2006 Athens in the midst of an engrossing plot. While Ms. Valanos was mum on the exact details of the storyline, she did note that there will be time travel, and the game will also take players not only to the ancient Mediterranean world, but also to the mythological planes of legend.

Additionally, players will have a great deal of input as to how their game turns out. In a system somewhat akin to Fable, actions taken by gamers will have a direct impact upon which ending they are able to achieve. Where Theseis differs from the erstwhile Xbox title, however, is in its definition of what good and evil constitute. What is considered good in one era may not necessarily be considered so fifty years down the road. In the end, there will be several different possible outcomes that gamers can achieve, so playing the game will require some extra attention.

Currently, Theseis is only under development for the PC, but Ms. Valanos indicated that Track 7 is seriously considering a PSP release in the near future. As far as the PC release is concerned, Track 7 is aiming for a release in the Fall of 2006, and has promised to have an extensive playable version of the game at next year's E3.

All in all, Theseis promises to be one of the more unique RPG experiences to come out of this year's show. Check RPGamer later today for further information and media from Theseis.

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