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For a bit before and after the Webzen tour I got a chance to sit down with this mighty MMORPG the likes of which the world has never seen before. That is, if the world never played Diablo or any of its sequels and was interested in a watered down MMO version of it.

First, In MU's defense, the setup they gave on the floor was particularly poor to seeing how folks actually experience it in game. The PC was setup with a level 301 relatively omnipotent super character who could generally kill everyone around him by blinking his eyes. Seeing any difficulty or even much of the feeling of playing in the world was kind of hard given that. That said, I gave it a bit to see if it was any fun.

The graphics and interface are from Diablo for the most part, watered down a bit and not as keenly fitting in as Blizzard's stuff, but workable and intuitive as the design is solid. They did suffer from generally being bland as far as interfaces go, suffering from the problem that in their desire to make things simple, they forgot to make things look really nice. Simple does well describe the game, though that was probably a facet of the character as no real strategy elements besides point and kill could be seen with everything dying when they got so much as near the flying angelic supergod.

The test was done apparently on their own live servers as I walked past a handful here and there of other players playing the game and usually blathering obnoxious insults at each other. Moving past these, I did affirm that the action does never stop outside of towns. In fact, they take this long past enjoyable and into the ranges of mind-numbing stupidity as standing in a place and surrounding myself with full screen clearing death-spells resulted in a never ending and almost instantly respawning horde of enemies that just kept coming and coming without even slowing down, all dying without me bothering so much as to move. The AI clearly doesn't have anything else going for it besides numbers as not a single enemy tried to flee or snipe from outside of range or just not walk into the deathtrap.

Overall, by the time I put it down I'd been left totally unimpressed. Sure, it's an MMORPG. Sure, it's got the basic qualities and there's plenty to pick up in it. But there was nothing I saw during my time with it to indicate a reason to pick it up and play it regularly.

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