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Imperator is a sci-fi MMO based in an alternate reality where the Roman Empire Never fell. In this universe the Myan Empire destroyed the Roman Empires spacefleet and unleashed a deadly toxen which killed off a large portion of their population. The Myans then left earth for deep space, only to return years later with advanced alien technology and began to take over Roman territory. The Roman Empire then made the decision to take back their territory and destroy the Myans.

In Imperator, the Myans are the sole enemy that you will be fighting. You are not rewarded experience from simply killing enemies, but instead are rewarded from completing missions. This mission-based content system allows players to find something to do very quickly. Mythic's goal for this title is to allow casual players to log on, complete a mission in 15 minutes, and have noticable advancement in their characters. All players are Elite Roman Citizens which most NPCs will respect from the start. There are currently 5 starting character classes, Gunner, Trooper, Biomedic, and Tech. The gunner is a ranged fighter while the trooper is mainly a melee ranged character. The Biomedic is the healer of the game and the Tech will be useful with machines, although to what extent, we are not sure yet. At level 10 you will be allowed to specialize you character further.

The title features a handy quick travel system, even to other planets. In most cases, when you accept a mission, you will be instantly shuttled to your objective area. There are also travel hotspots in adventure areas that can be used anytime out of combat.

As for combat itself, there is no autoatack feature. There is click targeting like most MMOs, however you will have to press a key for each attack that you wish to use. There are two basic types of enemies, pez enemies and commander enemies. The pez enemies will die in about four hits while the commander enemies might take 45 seconds or so to kill.

There are four Central Cities for socilization, and character advancement. There are 24 total warzones which features missions for the solo player and small teams. There are also 15 engagements per city, which are replayable. As of yet, Mythic has not decided what the death penality will be, or if there will even be one.

The beta for Imperator is expected to start winter 2005 and run through 2006. June 2006 is the expected retail launch date.

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