Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic Impressions
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RPGamer visited BioWare for an exclusive press meeting where we were shown an extensive demo of Knights of the Old Republic, the first Star Wars RPG. The game is complete, and the company will ship it for the Xbox in July and in Fall for the PC version.

We were lucky enough to see an early port of the PC version, and with the resolution turned up, the game looks a lot better than its console counterpart. The graphics use a quality engine that you'd only expect to come from BioWare. Plent of attention to detail was placed on the game world; it's the small and intricate details that count in this title.

The gameplay is equally impressive. It is extremely obvious that the game was constructed by D&D veterans; it almost plays and feels like a d20 game system. Role-playing and strategic battles are the most important part of the title, and the story looks to be highly enjoyable. The BioWare representative claimed that there was around 150 minutes worth of in-game cut-scenes. The company also placed an emphasis on playability in this title. Everything can be accessed with click of a few in-game buttons, the inventory is easily managable, and a fully annotated map will help gamers find their way through the game without delay.

This is a game not to be missed by BioWare and Star Wars fans alike. Look forward to further coverage from RPGamer during and after E3.

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by Joseph Witham    
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