Grandia Xtreme Impressions
Grandia Xtreme

Grandia Xtreme is the only RPG Enix has on the floor for E3 this year. Most of Enix's booth is dedicated to their very recently announced robot action game, Robot Alchemic Drive (RAD). However, not to worry, as Enix still has RPGs in their hearts and minds.

Grandia Xtreme is more than just an enhancement for the Grandia series, while keeping a lot of elements that makes this series stand out. Instead of the typical random encounters, enemies are seen on the map, and flash red when they are trying to attack your party. If the monster makes contact, the game transitions to battle mode quickly. Once in battle, the order of attack is shown by a circle in the bottom-right corner. This helps for planning combos and timing spells accurately.

Unfortunately for those who love the latest graphics, Grandia Xtreme is not that impressive graphically. The dungeon scenery was very smooth, and graceful, but the battle scenes were blocky, and the spell effects were a bit drab. However, the interface was very colorful, as well as easy to use and understand.

The game will weigh in with GameArts' style of story and gameplay. Now that Grandia II has been released for the Dreamcast, Windows, and the PlayStation 2, many new people have been pulled into the series. Grandia Xtreme will not disappoint these new fans.

by Mikel Tidwell    
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