E3 2001
News Coverage

The latest information from the Sega floor on their most recent port of the first ever online console RPG, Phantasy Star Online. Other expected enhancements have been discovered as well.
     by Doug Hill       05.17 20:30

RPGamer makes sure that the vital components that made Final Fantasy IV infamous are left intact, even with Square's threat of a fresh approach.
     by Matthew Wanlin       05.17 20:30

The official announcement of the rumored Square/Disney RPG title.
     by Martin Drury       05.17 20:30

One of the most popular RPG developers has formally announced interest in developing for the big brother of a nearly RPG-less system.
     by Justin Weiss       05.17 20:30

After many guesses as to the correct translation of "Boku to Mao," Sony revealed the true North American title to their PlayStation 2 RPG.
     by Justin Weiss       05.17 20:30

Nintendo reveals the details of the critical component in finally combining the actual card game with the protable version.
     by Mikel Tidwell       05.16 16:00

Sega's hit Dreamcast RPG will be released for Nintendo's GameCube, according to today's press release. Find out when to expect this title, as well as other newly announced RPGs for the upcoming system.
     by Matthew Wanlin       05.16 16:00

Nintendo revealed many new pieces of information during their press conference today, including release dates, accessories, and design philosophy.
     by Justin Weiss       05.16 15:15

Sketchy details arise for a previously announced game featuring dragons.
     by Anna Marie Whitehead       05.16 11:45

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