Ten Years of RPGamer - 2007

A lot changed in 2007. The beloved E3 was no more. The new E3 was to be invite only with no explanation on where or how to get an invite. As if the event wasn't stressful enough before. It's difficult to make a meeting schedule when you don't know if there's even a reason to make one. Finding the right balance of staff and communication was much improved and the stories flowed again.

RPGamer spent a long time trying to redesign the site. Having to make a new look while having requirements of staff and the new Crave network proved to be a large challenge. In the end, more people liked it than hated it, and sometimes that's the best one can hope for. It was important not to lose the colors we had grown to love with the old design, but make sure it was changed enough that people still might confuse us with the former affiliates.

2007 will hold the mark for breaking the century mark in RPG releases in a single year. 2007 may also be known as the year of genre blending with more and more RPG elements slipping into other genres. The best example of this was the phenomenon of Puzzle Quest where RPG elements of swords and battle were brought into a rather medieval Bejewled style game. With quests, goals, and levels to gain more spells, it was just one of many games that brought RPG style into their games. The notable games for 2007 are: Pokemon Diamond & Pearl, Odin Sphere, Eternal Sonata, Persona 3, and Mass Effect.

RPGamer Statistics - 2007
RPGs released: 103
News Stories: 389
Staff Reviews Posted: 115
Reader Reviews Posted: 113
Highest Staff Count: 31
Staff @ E3: 5

RPGamer Index - 2007

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