Ten Years of RPGamer - 2001

The year 2001 was an emotional one for everyone. In most cases, the gaming industry lives in its self-made bubble. The industry focuses on games and leaves the troubles to everyone else. The point of entertainment is to enjoy it. When the gaming industry takes notice and response to an event, it's something that affects absolutely everyone. May the events of September 11, 2001 never be forgotten.

Before this tragic time, RPGamer was having problems of its own. For the first time in its history, it had to recompile an entire site from a backup system--one that had never been tested. The affiliation with eFront blew up when the company turned out to be little more than a scam. The hosting network, having been unpaid for months, took the servers without warning, including RPGamer's. RPGamer was quick to work out a solution with the hosting company to return to form, but the servers were being held for investigation. It was never revealed what the investigation was for, but by the time the files had been released for use, RPGamer was already back on track. Still, it was a scary time. A lot of sites never recovered from eFront.

RPGs continued to come out at a steady pace. While a lot of companies had moved on to the PlayStation 2, the PlayStation showed it still had some life to give. The Dreamcast and Nintendo 64 had rather quiet years, but still had titles people remember today. Notable releases for 2001 are: Phantasy Star Online, Final Fantasy X, Dark Age of Camelot, Paper Mario, and Golden Sun. Squaresoft proved they were not invincible after all, producing and releasing Final Fantasy: The Spirits Within for crippling losses.

RPGamer Statistics - 2001
RPGs released: 47
News Stories: 681
Staff Reviews Posted: 46
Reader Reviews Posted: 134
Highest Staff Count: 16
Staff @ E3: 10

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