Ten Years of RPGamer - 2000

Now in its third year, RPGamer is starting to get a feel for what the daunting task of covering all RPGs really is. Some of the staff wondered if the goal ever had an end. The more research done into missed games, the more games would be found. Funny how that works. RPGamer also had its first international event when Mr. Tidwell visited Japan to attend Spaceworld 2000 where Nintendo unveiled their next two systems. Perhaps most importantly, however, was the new addition of our beloved mascot, V'lanna. To this day she brings a face to RPGamer.

RPGamer joined another network, near the end of 2000, named eFront. No one knows where eFront came from, but in a matter of a few months, they had built a network of over 50 sites. RPGamer hoped they could prosper with this new network as the dot-com boom and bust had made it harder to stay afloat. The site design moved away from the complex multi-split index into a single listing of updates. Since no section had an emphasis over another, this seemed like a step in the right direction. This update also dropped the frames that had become so popular, then so hated in a short period of time.

The release count of RPGs more than doubled in 2000 as the PlayStation owners had the widest selection. Final Fantasy IX, Front Mission III, Vagrant Story, and Chrono Cross were all quite successful as Squaresoft continued to show dominance of the RPG genre. Sony's console successor, the PlayStation 2, did somehow launch with four RPGs, but none of them were worth remembering. The Dreamcast shined with Grandia II and Skies of Arcadia, and the Nintendo 64 even had a little love with Ogre Battle 64: Person of Lordly Caliber. PC RPGamers could enjoy Icewind Dale and Deus Ex. The handheld world was taken once again by Pokemania with the release of Pokemon Gold & Silver.

RPGamer Statistics - 2000
RPGs released: 47
News Stories: 471
Staff Reviews Posted: 51
Reader Reviews Posted: 115
Highest Staff Count: 14
Staff @ E3: 6

RPGamer Index - 2000

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