Re: The Spirit of RPG's

by Mark Gross 

A parallel between RPG's and real-life? Not a far-fetched possibility, really. I was, and still am, a cynical SOB when growing up, so all I ever learned was that persevering at video games could let me avoid persevering at homework. Okay, maybe it still taught me perseverence. But that's another story altogether (and not really helping the case for RPG lovers everywhere).

But Mistress Nightshadow still made a valid point about RPG encouraging the virtue of perseverance in the gamer. Even I missed a lot of sleep in the cause of mastering various RPG's. But is that all we learn? Perseverance with a generous helping of idealistic white-knight morality on top?

To put it mildly, I have my doubts. More specifically, I'm referring to strategy guides. If there was a guide for FFIV past the half-assed one that Nintendo Power featured, I sure missed it. Ditto for virtually every game before FF6. Now I can find at least one guide for virtually every game around. And that was not an insult to FF7. I tend to blame it, without any further discrimination of gaming preferences, upon every lazy-ass who bought a strategy guide without developing some sort of psyche disorder in the process of mulling over the game first.

Yeah, I hate strategy guides. But the rationale behind them is simple enough. Why the hell would you bother going to trouble of leveling-up, formulating battle strategies, experimenting to find weaknesses... when you can do a little chocobo breeding and grab a Knights of the Round attack spell? Realistically, how many of you actually found out that 100% by your lonesome? Or Aeris' level 4 limit break?

So in the approximate spirit of M. Nightshadow's editorial, I put this question forward: Are people learning the lesson that experience and perseverance can be substituted by a cheat-sheet?

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