Square over time

by Whitey

The New 'Genre'

The company squaresoft has been around for about 15 years. Now called Square, they have expanded the company while also expanding the genres produced by the RPG giant. Considering some of the recent Square games I and many other gamers have a problem with "non-traditional" RPGs that Square is making nowadays.

Square started small but became big. This big corporation, practically an "empire", has become ambitious and is now starting to re-create the RPG, while also making fighting and racing games for the first time. The FF series, I find, is no longer for me as it seems to be all about FMVs and "eye-candy". Other recent games, like Xenogears and FF Tactics have be more successful at drawing "tradtional RPG fans" but I know first-hand that people who were drwan to FF7 for the graphics didn't like FF tactics.

Square has created 2 types of RPGs; modern and tradtional. Many companies have made and still make more tradtional RPGs, competing with Square. These companies, like Game Arts and Konami for example, don't compete very well with Square for modern RPGs because this is Square's strongest area. Amazing graphics and FMVs are what's Square is about and now the hope for good 'ol tradtional RPGs from Square is all but gone. Don't expect them to make another great game like Chrono Trigger or FF4 or FF6. They know how to make their money in appeling to the masses, who aren't looking for what made Square famous.

There's nothing wrong with FMVs or great looking graphics but these days it seems that Square is trying to challenge technology while good stories, gameplay, and most of all 'heart' are lost to their "new-age role-players".

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