Rebuttal to "PS2 will beat DC"

by Valirion

I had planned this to be a rebuttal of the Old vs. New RPG debate, but before I had the urge to start writing, I happened to read a bit further down the page. Though I am a proud owner of a Dreamcast (as well as a Saturn, Genesis, Master System, and Game Gear), I am by no means a Sega fanatic. My PSX has been getting much more of a workout than my Dreamcast these days, but not for lack of interest in the Dreamcast.

Need a hint as to why? Ok, I'll give you a clue... Game Arts. Game Arts has done the impossible in my mind by showing that although Sega and their 3rd party developers have made some mistakes in the past, they have provided a crucial stepping stone for Sony and Co. to take a leap from.

One of the repeated arguments I hear about the console debate is that Sega rushed their machines, and in turn paid the price. I hear again and again that the Saturn is a terrible machine, that it lacked the power and draw of the PSX, and that it was doomed to failure due to Sega's mistakes. Of all three arguments, I can only agree with one: Sega (in part) killed the Saturn in the US. In any race to fame, one participant has to be the springboard for another participant's success.

When the PSX had its debut, it was followed by a slew of mediocre (bordering on terrible) games with a ton of marketing muscle behind it. The Saturn debuted with a lot of talk and only a little bit of action. As with any developer, Sega and Co. did release some bombs for their various consoles, as have Sony and Nintendo. However, on the whole, all of the major platforms have had remarkable successes.

Think back a bit... back to the days when Sony made electronics, and Nintendo and Sega were duking it out with the NES and Genesis. Can you remember one of the biggest Genesis slogans? C'mon, I'll sing it with you... "Genesis does... what Ninten-don't!" Now let's sing Nintendo's slogan.. uhh... well.. umm... I don't think humming the Mario theme really counts. Can you think of one? Didn't think so. Then Nintendo had the SNES... no real slogan, but a lot of incredibly expensive games. I remember when Zelda for SNES was retailing at 80 dollars...but honestly, now that I think about it, I miss those days... Sega and Nintendo ribbing each other, competing for top dog. Nowadays the systems don't compete, the genres compete.

>From past to present... I promise, the future is coming. Take a look at the games that are coming out these days for the current systems. For the most part, they fall into 3 categories: sequels, copies, or old games being updated. "Tomb Raider 12: This Is The Last One, We Promise", "Rewd Raycer GT" (which of course is released 2 weeks before "Need For Speed 8: Total Domination"), and "Namco Classics V.23" seem to be the games of the future. Very few companies are willing to break mold, for fear of being forever cast into media hell. "Oh yes, Venture Boing games tried.. they really did.. but it's no FF8 or Star Ocean, that's for sure!" So far the only positive thing that I can think that has come out of this pit is the sudden resurgence of translating Japanese games that we would have never gotten to play otherwise. Lunar and Lunar:EB, Grandia and Tales Of Destiny to name a few, with others on the way.

"Also, [the PS2] just a better system than DC because ultra-big Sony is behind it."... this comment frightens me. Having heard this repeatedly from various sides, I'm really starting to wonder what makes a "better" system in these folk's eyes. Is it better hardware? If so, then why do we have software companies? Games that have superior graphics/sound/character designs/development houses/franchise names/plot/control/gameplay? Then who cares who makes the hardware?

Everyone is so wrapped up in looking for the "King of Consoles" that they forget one simple fact: different gamers want different things. By striving to kill of competition by casting out systems and games that you don't personally want makes everyone lose. Instead of gamers focusing on making better games available for all platforms, easily swayed gamers tear developers between supporting a system that a lot of people have, rather than on the platform(s) best suited for their games. It's time for the madness to stop, and for true console competition (with CONTENT, not advertising/gimmicks) to begin anew.

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