Why doesn't Square make SEQUELS?

by Patrick George

See-kwels? What is a see-kwel? What with all these new RPGs out, especially by Square, I'm not so sure I know anymore.
Okay, let me think. A sequel is, IMHO, a second part of a story that either carries on or concludes the original one. So, knowing this, why do we have a Final Fantasy 8 that is NOTHING like FF7 or FFI? Granted, I love Square. Best dern RPG makers I've ever seen. I love Final Fantasy (My fav is FF4), as well as Xenogears and Chrono Triger. But new FF games come out almost every 1-3 years, but they have nothing to do with eachother at all!

Think about it. With each new FF game, we get a different cast, setting, world, magic, technology, etc. The only thing in common between the games is some Call Spells(or Espers or Summons or GFs; wish they'd make up their minds), Airships, and the Chocobo. They NEVER have the same story or allusions to prevous games, and are totally independent from one another.

Alright; The Empire Strikes Back is a sequel, it carries on the Star Wars tale with the same characters as before. As is countless movies, such as Scream 2, Wayne's World 2, Terminator 2, and countless others. These movies carry on a saga. They use previous characters, similar settings, etc. So why doesn't FF?

And it's not just Final Fantasy, either. Square's other games, such as Seiken Densetsu and SaGa are all non sequel games. And yet, they are placed in a series. Why? They often have little or nothing to do with eachother.

Video games have sequels, too. Take Mega Man, Castlevania, or Super Mario. All have similar sequels, right? Not RPGs by Square. I find this very odd.

The new Chrono Cross will be released in Japan soon. From what I hear, it features a similar setting and allusions to its prequel Chrono Trigger. Boo yah! Now Square makes a sequel. The main cast of CC is different form that of CT, but it seems to be a sequel as well. So how about you? Do ya'll like in with the new, out with the old? Or do you prefer true blue sequels to RPGs? I welcome comments and suggestions.

Thanks for reading,

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