Reply to Julia Simpson's Editorial on FFA

by Omega

Dear god! Have a god damn COW! Big screw ups, swirley battle intro, bad soundtrack.

1. But let me just start by saying that did you ever stop and think that maybe the ROM was where the translation mixup occured? Afterall, the ROM was made long before FFA and it wasn't done by paid professionals of one of the top RPG companies in the world. Maybe Bartz and Reina are what the translation comes out to in reality. Personally I think Reina is a cool name, and am glad it was like that in FF5. Does the translation alter or slow down the story? No, it shouldn't unless you are retarded and have a short-term memory.

2. Also, you speak about the swirley battle intro and "YESSS!!!!" at the end of the battle as if its the end of the world. Wow, with the swirley battle intro it takes like a whole extra 3 seconds to load a battle (If your PSX takes longer, maybe you should have the laser checked), and the "YESSS!!!" - Just dont look at it! Does any of this alter or slow down the story? No.

3. Horrible translation? Come on, people bitch about this one too as if its the end of the world! If you can understand what they are saying even though it might sound a little odd or have a typo, whats the big deal? Does it in anyway alter or slow down the story? Nope.

4. The horrible FMV sequeneces? Jesus! I'll say this as I do every day to all my friends: Graphics (Which includes FMV's) do NOT make a story. So what? The characters are CG and might look a little funkified, but so what? Does it in anyway alter or slow down the story? Not a chance.

5. FFA rules period. Just when they deliver FF8's trashy story and make many of the old-school RPG'er like myself begin to lose faith in SquareSoft, they do something smart and re-release two of the best classics on PSX. I already own an imported FF5 on SNES and an original American copy of FF3a/FF6j on SNES, but even still, I bought FFA because it's worth more than money. Lunar, however, is worth more and I'd give my life to defend it :) Lunar forever! hehe. But thats a whole different editorial. Honestly whats wrong with FFA? Bad translation, bad character names, weird FMV's...same story. I play games for their story and music alone (I just have this major thing for RPG music...what do you think my 700+ mp3s consist of? Shhh... :)) Now I can see maybe why there would be controversial opinions about Lunar TSS and Lunar SSSC because the original and its remake for a different system had a lot more story twists and different things, but FF5 and 6 is no excuse. They are both direct remakes of classic masterpieces.

6. The music CD is terrible I admit that. But whats the big deal about that? Spend a measly $40 and BUY the FULL soundtrack! Is that so hard? Or you can do what I like to do, decode mp3's into .wav and make your own CD-R discs of your own favorite RPG music. My view on this is SquareSoft didnt have to release any kind of soundtrack if they didnt want to, they could have skipped the whole thing. You people who think FF5 sucks cause of the soundtrack it comes with is bad, you need help. What you are basicially saying is that you bought FFA because you wanted a good soundtrack. Phft...

7. You did mention FF7 and 8 and stuff. Just as a side comment, Ill say that FF7 wasn't the best, and FF8 was utter garbage. Square is now starting to focus more on graphics and gameplay than storyline. If FF9 and 10 end up the same way, you can bet you will be reading my editorials once again soon enough :)

8. My favorite games include Lunar and Chrono Trigger (Best games ever), then FF5 and 6 (Tied). Games I hate: FF8 - Too futuristic, too lame, undepthful characters, stupid stupid STUPID story XenoGears - Just not my thing, the whole religious bit that fits in, I dont like it (Im not religious in real life, dont believe in a god because until I see him and proof of his existance--the bible doesnt count, for all I know that could have been written by a buncha drunk guys around a campfire one night--then I'll believe in a god and be religious, then maybe Ill appreciated XG more) Zelda 64 - I dont even consider this kid game an RPG (All N64 stuff is terrible, its made for kids who cant handle the serious stories of FF7 and such)

Brave Fencer Musashi - Kid game....... Thousand Arms - Simply not my style, what made me not like this game was one of the first lines is in the Blacksmithy place the dude says something along the lines of "I can't die now! There are more beautiful women that need me!" Sound familiar? "If I were to die, all the women in the world would grieve!" Edgar, FF6. I hate it when games seriously just rip stuff from other games, especially quotes which I love so much in RPG's. BoF3 - Intolerable game, annoying characters...*Shudder*

That was just to give you a feel of the type of RPG gamer I am, and if you disagree with my editorial of FFA, you might notice considerable differences in the games we like/dislike.

Well I better stop writting THIS editorial and do my school newspaper editorial, lol

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