City States

by NemoFebes

One thing that has really ticked me off about the last few Square games is the fact that each "country" (thats right, all two of them) are nothing but city states. These massive empires usually spawn to about two cities each with no connecting highways (well, 8 did have some I guess, but not 7) While you could say the whole city state form of government occurs in about every RPG, it makes more sense in fantasy settings where travel is by boat, or horse and traveling the country side is indeed a long time consuming trek. In a world of space ships, cars, trains, and those funky looking super highways of Esthar (yet no commercial airports and so much undeveloped land) traveling the country side is possible in a matter of hours.

Back to Final Fantasy 7, why the hell did Shinra need so bad to find all that Materia and what not? With their technological evidence over the world, they could easily conquer it in days. Perhaps what ticks me off the most of 7 though (besides the fact that I see no bonding of the characters into a tight pack during the entire game, is how Shinra tries to steal Cid's plane to look for Sephiroth. You mean to tell me the dominant military force in the world, with the technological capabilities of space travel and super cannons needs to borrow private residentual bi-planes for their operations? Give me a break. Thats just plain stupid. I hate that world in FF7. Anyway I know this is a very poorly written email with no real focus or direction, but I just had to get that off of my chest. I know I also seem perhaps too knitpicky about the trivial things of the world, such as an obvious lack of global commerce, and tourist going to the Costal Del Sol citty and then climbing an old monster infested mine shaft to get to Disney world, which are annoyingly retarded, but I feel if you are going to create a world with any credibility, you have to go all out and think of these things. You have to be willing to "Tolkien" it, if you will. that is all

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