Shameless Plug on FF series

by Natsuki-Becca

Shameless Plug... Mainly I'm stating the fact people don't like changes in the FF series. Oka, so I read a few previously posted articles. I agree with one RavynBlac on the Magic riff. What the heck was Square thinking with the junctioning? I mean they have to give you tutorials on how to use it! Gah! But oh! Don't get me wrong! The GFs were awesome! Much better than in ff7 where you had to use up precious MP to summon the darn things and then you couldn't even boost them (sniffle..), but oh so complicated. I'm not saying complication is a bad thing, and ff8 is an improvement over ff7 even if it IS a bit tricky, but can we have just a bit of simplicity people? The story should be focused, the plot, the characters (especially hunky males who have 'tudes and kickin threads and cowboy hats.. uhm anyway), and the love theme is great. Then again, I'm a girl. I was a fan of ff7, well who wouldn't be? Sephiroth was beautiful, Aerith was tragic, Cloud was.. screwed up, Vincent was drop-dead sexy... I could've done without Yuffie but that's jealousy i guess. What else was I going to say? Oh! Alright, so you don't LIKE the changes. Personally I think it would be rather drab if ALL the ff series was EXACTLY like ff1, for that matter i wouldn't even have gotten interested. FF has become much more personalized (I love selecting character names!) even if we have to take in a little complication and let downs. Misery Guts made the comment in more or less words that ff8 had no memorable parts to it. I like the FMV of Irvy (swoon) but other than that ... well I have a hard time picking out a part I REALLY liked. Most of my favorite parts were the FMVs simply because they were flat awesome (though i could do for some voice acting, even in japanese). The story itself was what caught me up that's why I have no one particular part I fancy! Alright this is getting long, Long Live FF (soon ff9 ~_^) and Long Live Hunky RPG Males! ... oops where'd that come from... Peace out!

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