Rebuttle to: Final Fantasy 8 story...Houston, weve got a problem!

by John Pierceton

*SPOILERS!!!* *Light Profanity Warning* "What....The....Bloody....Hell?!?!?!" These words flashed through my mind as I read "Final Fantasy 8 story....Huston, we've got a problem!". "To start, what is UP with Balamb Garden? They are wacked out! Cid: "Um let me see, my wife is an evil sorceress and I really don't know how to run a garden, but I will promote a 17 yr. old to my place because I had a mid-life crisis and I just want to be home with my teddy bear, but hey-- I can still be a good leader."I think Squaresoft must have been out to lunch with the whole Cid/ Balamb garden story. How did they ever put Edea with Cid in the first place?"

Cid's wife wasn't ALWAYS an evil sorceress. She used to be Matron, the owner of a small orphanage out by the sea. Also, Cid "Promoted a 17 yr. old to [his] place" because...let's see....Squall was better with the troops? How did Edea and Cid get together? I don't know, but it makes more sense if you realize--Edea wasn't always a sorceress.(Or at least, noticeably)

"Speaking if Edea, how can it be that Squall, who won't trust the girl of his dreams with his thoughts will trust an apparently schizophrenic evil sorceress to join his party right after she practically killed his party and got hold of all the power? Oh.. this makes perfect sense."

Riiight. Lessee...Squall was sorta "Anti social". You wanna know why he didn't want to tell Rinoa his feelings? Because of an earlier event, when a certain friend of his mysteriously DISSAPEARED....He didn't really want the heartbreak again, so he forgot about it. And as for Edea...Is being part of the party an intamate relationship?(...Zell and Irvine.....ugh) And the "Evil sorceress" was not really evil, actually a nice person. Who was being possessed. Squall figured that he could knock some sense into her if she turned again.

"The whole orphanage thing is also stupid. How can they all have been from the same orphanage at the same time, and be different ages, have separated from each other, and if Squall is such a "promising student" how come Quistis got to be the instructor? Speaking of which, what kind of high-tech, state-of-the-art training garden would allow so young a girl to teach others her own age?"

Orphanage--For plot reasons, maybe? They were different ages...BECAUSE THEY WERE! They were all there for plot reasons, and they were seperated because they were different people, going different places? Squall was a "Promising student"...STUPID, STUPID, STUPID! Promising student--GOOD STUDENT. Squall is a good student, and Quistis is obviously a good teacher. Make sense now? (Geez...Ya wouldn't know common sense if it hit ya on the head!) Ok, about Quistis being the teacher...It's kinda weird, I admit, but for one thing, Quistis entered the academy [wayyy] earlier than Squall, so maybe...

"OK, now I pose the question, is it just me, or does anyone else get bored with the whole army thing, fighting thing, faction thing?! I would just like to take time out in the game and not fight anyone for 2 hours of good gameplay and not feel guilty for straying from the quest of saving world, or getting SeeD points deducted! Maybe Squaresoft could have integrated some main storyline non-fighting things to do."

Ok...this is just stupid. Since the storyline is based on a fighting world, you would expect wars, etc. and Getting SeeD points deducted? That's part of the normal gameplay, and it adds effect. And non-fighting things to do? Ya got me there, but isn't it mostly about fighting ANYWAY?

"All right, I'll admit that FF8 is pretty fun, and I enjoy knowing that any minute a video will come up and enhance the really cool parts, like falling off of cliffs and seeing Esthar for the first time. But isnt there some way to improve Rinoa's legs so they dont look like toothpicks in the meantime? I mean, Im a girl you see, and I just cant see Rinoa fighting in dresses. Why dont they doan the girls in more practical battle wear? I guess THAT's a question for the ages..." Ok, I'm gonna respond to this using Joshua Maciel's "REbuttal to the roles to FF women" Here gpes:

>Why is it that games need 100% realism in them? Why is it that regardless of what armor Barret's wearing in FF7, he's still shirtless? Who cares? All games take >imagination. In all honesty, adventuring without a shirt is just stupid if you can wear armor. It's to create a constant image you can get used to. Although it would be >cool if 20 outfits were designed for each character....(The rest goes onto stuff that is more rebuttal to the article and is irrelevant) Exactly. Why do we give a damn what it looks like ANYWAY??? Get an imagination! Quit thinking about mundane details!!!!!

In conclusion, Lisa is WRONG. It seems that she didn't even PLAY the whole damned game, since most of her points are answered later. If you're gonna judge something, do it right.
When you try to judge something like this, try to make some sense out of why things are the way they are, and don't go making moot points. RPGamer and #1 complainer, FireFalcon is done bitching for the night, so I'll see you all later. Questions? Comments? Rants? Raves? Death-Threats? Sexual Favors(Women only, PLEASE!)? E-mail.

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