The Price of Knee-Jerk Recations or "Get your damn facts straight!" (Combination Rebuttal)

by Graeystone

FF8 Spoiler Warning

After reading some of the editorials on RPGamer posted 11/24/99, I had enough. I am sick and tired of peoples' knee-jerk reactions to games. . .well I should say peoples' incorrect knee-jerk reactions to games. This time around it's FF8 and a couple of other things. Yes I will be mentioning names and other people's editorials.

Instead of using calm rational thinking, the following people used the knee-jerk reaction. It will consist of writer's name the name of their editorial, what they wrote in quotes, and what I have to say about it.

John Miaso who wrote in his editorial: Have We Forgotten Where RPGs Came From?

"The new graphics allows for a different sort of storyline and gameplay, a brave new world in which it seems more like watching a movie than playing a so-called role-playing game. Sure, these games provide the player with an excellent storyline, beautiful graphics, and compelling music, but at what cost?"

The key word is 'movie'. What do you think we have been playing ever since Dragon Warrior? Today it is just more pronounced because of the improved graphics, sounds, FMV, etc.

"We no longer have the old armor and magical trinkets. Weapon upgrades seem pointless now, and experience levels and magic seem to be next on the executioner's block. However, these two games are only a couple of examples of this genre's direction, and many other developers are starting to gain sway in breaking from the tide."

Grandia, Parasite Eve(Police Vests acting as armor), Xenogears, Lunar: SSSC. These are just a small example of games from the past year or so that still have the basic attributes for a RPG. And from the rumors I have read/heard, FF IX is going to be job class like FF V and more old school. FF VIII is only one game out of many that goes against the flow.

Max McGlocklin wrote in his editorial: Oh where, Oh where has Square gone?

"I was beyond ecstatic to hear that Chrono Cross was on it's way, but... then, I saw the game's characters. What the hell?! The characters were unimaginative, and plain stupid. The storyline better cause hell, or I have lost TOTAL faith in Square."

The worse type of knee-jerk reaction! Judging a game before it is even out! Play the freaking game before you make such calls. (Although I will admit Kid does look like a hooker. More on her later though. >:) I don't recommend demos though. If I were to go by what a demo has, I would not have bought FF8 or Xenogears.

"Squaresoft has made Final Fantasy VIII to be one of the worst games of all time (ignoring how bad Saga Frontier was)."

Saga Frontier and FF8, while both are made by Square, they are from two completely different series! FF8 is from the Final Fantasy line and Saga Frontier is from the SaGa series (according to RPGamer's Game section.) That is like comparing oranges to apples. Sure both are fruit, but try instead comparing one type of apple to another apple and one type of orange to another type of orange first.

"On a final note: Squaresoft better pull up their pants before they're stinking asses fill the crowd with an unpleasent smell."

One this one I'd just like to say that direct insults and use of cursing in a serious editorial/debate/etc. shows what type of a person someone is.

Misery Guts wrote in his editorial: FFV8 - That Memorable Part *Spoiler Warning*

"To tell you the truth, there were absolutely NO memorable parts in Final Fantasy VIII EXCEPT how disappointed I was with the last battle!"

Hmm. Let's see: Squall saving Rinoa at the battle of the Gardens. Squall saving Rinoa in space. Cid admitting he is married to Edea. Shall I go on?

"Final Fantasy VIII had absolutely NO replay value to me, and you're looking at the guy who's played all the other games through at LEAST four times each!"

I'll bet you had to go through the game and getting everything possible the first time you played didn't you? It's not exactly a requirement to draw 100 of every spell or get every GF. The nice thing about console RPGs is that you don't get punished for not finding the best items in the game. (Although they do help ;)

Lisa Kerbes(not to leave any females out of my little tirade.) who wrote in her editorial: Final Fantasy 8 story...Houston, we've got a problem... *Spoiler Warning*

"To start, what is UP with Balamb Garden? They are wacked out! Cid: "Um let me see, my wife is an evil sorceress and I really don't know how to run a garden, but I will promote a 17 yr. old to my place because I had a mid-life crisis and I just want to be home with my teddy bear, but hey-- I can still be a good leader."I think Squaresoft must have been out to lunch with the whole Cid/ Balamb garden story. How did they ever put Edea with Cid in the first place? Speaking if Edea, how can it be that Squall, who won't trust the girl of his dreams with his thoughts will trust an apparently schizophrenic evil sorceress to join his party right after she practically killed his party and got hold of all the power? Oh.. this makes perfect sense."

Gee I dunno, no wait I do. They practically spelled it out. Cid and Edea(when she was in control of herself) formed the Gardens in case Edea was totally taken over. Cid gave up his command because he was in conflict. They were together because Cid is a Knight and Edea is Sorceress. I give the how and why of it all but I don't have the space to do so. Somthing else that was spelled out in the game. Tell me how you would feel if a loved one was about to go on a rampage? Would you have the courage to try and kill them? I'd think not. As for the Edea being possessed, I have one word for that: Xenogears. If you played Xenogears and didn't see what was going after Rinoa healed Seifer and Edea became normal, then you were not paying attention to the story line.

"I mean, Im a girl you see, and I just cant see Rinoa fighting in dresses. Why dont they doan the girls in more practical battle wear? I guess THAT's a question for the ages...

Neither can I because she wears SHORTS! Guess what the men did not have that much protection either. No one did! If this was real life they would all have died in the first fight. No The question for the ages is how people who use knee-jerk reactions get their facts wrong.

Freshmeat wrote in his editorial: Squall who? *Spoiler Warning*

"There could've been at least a battle to win Rinoa back, not just waltzing into the high security prison and taking her out."

I don't even know how to comment to this one. When you wrote 'taking her out,' did you mean attacking her or rescuing her? Are you talking about when Adel was absorbing her body or whatever she was attempting? Rinoa is rescued many times that involves a fight of some kind.

"Squall should only minimal emotion towards Rinoa until she fell unconscious, and after she awakes he returns to this state."

First of all check your grammar. Throughout the game Squall is in conflict with himself. "We can only depend on ourselves," (or a close enough quote) he thinks to himself. Yet deep down he knows he does have to depend on other people at times. He even admits to it. It is Rinoa that helps Squall to be true to himself.

Ben wrote in his editorial: Response to Emperor M

"You had Sephiroth, who wasn't a MagiTek experiment gone wrong, or a mad wizard name Exdeath, he did it because he was convinced that it was what he had to do."

You are 100% right. Sephiroth is not a MagiTek experiment gone wrong. He is a Jenovah/Mako experiment gone wrong. Sephiroth and Kefka are more alike than most people realize.

"I think that Final Fantasy 7 introduced a whole new psychological element into the RPG."

You're right once again. . .no wait, Lufia started the psychological bit with RPGs.

Meagan Ehrhardt wrote in her editorial: The Roles of Final Fantasy Women

"Final Fantasy lacks originality and respect for the women in their games. For example: Tifa is a body builder/martial arts woman with a six pack but looks like she would wear a 34DDD bra, which isn?t naturally possible, she should be nearly flat."

What about push-up bras or the ones with pads that add to bust size? Could not Tifa wear one? As for physical build on women who exercise it varies. If Tifa was meant to be one of those women who are professional bodybuilders, then yes she would be flat chested. Yet she looks more of a aerobic/martial artist type. Women who do these things do not lose their femininity as quickly as a professional female bodybuilder does. Besides, it was not the Square artist who over exaggerated Tifa's bust size, but the hentai artists.

"The last girl you get is always the youngest."

For a brief time in FF8 you get Edea. Nuff said.

"All the women have a male character that they are stuck behind. (Rosa-Cecil, Rydia-Yang/Edge, Porom-Palom, Terra-Leo, Celes-Locke, Relm-Strago, Aeris-Cloud/Zack, Tifa-Barret/Cloud, and Yuffie-Godo)"

Do you mean stuck behind as if following around with no will of their own? If that is the case then you are really off base. In 98% of these cases the female character tells off the male character plenty of times. Do not act as if these women do not have any will of their own.

"Why is it that in Final Fantasy 7 Tifa and Aeris are forced to wear dresses? I always thought this game was meant to take place in the future. However Aeris?s dress is unbuttoned from the bottom to of the way up her legs. Tifa wears a sports bra and a little leather skirt, how can anyone fight in a skin-tight leather skirt?"

Maybe Tifa is comfortable enough with her body she feels she can wear her outfit without any feelings of being self-conscience about her figure. As for Aeris, let's see you run around in a full dress without any leg movement. While I am on the clothing subject, you forgot Ayla from Chrono Trigger and I hope if you haven't seen any pictures of Kid from Chrono Cross, she is wearing about as much as Tifa. Tifa pulls off the look, Kid does not. Hence the hooker reference from earlier.

There are other editorials I have not touched on. These are the ones where the knee-jerk reactions are most pronounced. If you are going to do an editorial, check your facts first. You loose your whole argument when even one of your 'facts' are wrong. That is why RPGamer has a whole setup to check out these things. A game section filled with character drawings (34 DDD bra and Rinoa's 'dress') and FAQs. There is a Q&A person who can answer your question. Heck try IRC, the ops are also the people who work on the site. They will be happy to answer your questions.(In the case of JD [IceDelta in IRC] it will cost your soul.) The editorial section is more than a column to post peoples' opinions. The opinions should be backed by facts.

Granted there will be mistakes in any editorial. The idea though is to keep them at a minimum by using facts.

I'll shut up now.

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