Opinions on FFs

by Beedrill51

Seeing as how there is some editorials on Square's actions and other stuff, I decided to join in and make an editorial thingy myself. I'm just basically telling my thoughts here. By the way, plot means nothing to me.

FF1- Hardest FF in my opinion, but not for common reasons. My reason is capability. The second word about that reason is magic. At most, no matter what, you can cast up to 9 of the same spell without using the inn, cabin, or house. Look at FF7, you can cast the same spell 199 times if you want to. The capability is there. I like this game. Like I said, plot means nothing to me. The stories of FF, FF6, FF7, and any other game effect me equally (did I just contradict myself?). I like the fantasy aspect. The airship can be considered a fantasy object instead of futuristic if you think like I do. As I see, the Floater stone is magic, and it powers the airship. So, I see that the airship is fantasy instead of futuristic. Besides, its just a ship that can fly with propellers, and propellers date back a while. What other aspects I like? I don't know. I just like it for some reason or another.

FF2- Second hardest FF in my opinion. Note- This FF is not FF4 ET. Here, I think I contradict myself. Theorectically, you are capable of casting 250 times of the same spell, if you have 999 mp and you're using a level 1 spell. This FF is also the quickest FF in which you can become a demi-god at the beginning of the game. Quickest, but not the easiest or the most painless. The key is to know how the stat system works. Levels? What levels? There are no experience. To gain HP, you need to lose a lot of HP in that battle. You then maybe gain a vitality point and more HP. The amount of max HP gained is equal to your vitality. MP raises when you use up a lot of MP. Soul raises when you use a lot of white magic. Int raises when you use a lot of black magic. And so on for each stat. Trouble is, if you want to raise a lot of hp and the enemies in that area don't deal much damage or hit you at all, you'll have to start hitting yourself. This is costly, because the cost of a stay at the inn equals how much HP and MP everyone is missing. My reason it is hard is that it is hard if you don't build up. Very, very early in the game, you have to go to the town that was just captured by Paramekia. When you go there, DON'T TALK TO ANYONE AT ALL!!! Only talk to the prince of Kushoun (did I spell that right?) at the bar. Everyone else is a Captain, which has about 1000+ HP and can deal over 300 damage with each attack (he hits 5 or 6 times with his sword). And you start the game with only 30-50 HP. Also, you can't have too many items in your inventory, and the only items you can use in battle are the ones you have equipped right now, so you have to equip a potion to use it. I also like this game. It has challenge, and I like how weapon skills and magic have 16 levels. I think it takes forever to get to level 16 magic, since it took forever to get one of my Fire spells to level 9. Oh yeah, this is the only FF that I feel where the row is significant, more so than in FF3 where it only effects # of hits and damage. Here, the row effects whether or not if you can actually hit someone in the first place.

FF3- Third hardest FF in my opinion (notice a pattern?). This FF uses the same magic system as FF1, so there is a limit to the number of times you can cast a spell. This game is just as hard as FF2, except with more capability. You don't need to equip an item to use it. It is possible to be easily killed at the beginning, since you have to beat a boss before you can save. Also, the first dungeon (not counting the beginning) is lethal if you don't have many potions and at a level higher than 5. I doubt there is such thing as Demi-god like status in this game though, since I've seen level 50 Ninjas only having about 5500 HP. And Sages only have about 10 or so castings of level 8 magic, and they can only have 3 spells for each level. So, Sages have to choose from the 3 black spells, 3 white spells, and 1 call spell for each level. I like it. This is the first FF with classes you can change. Too bad you can't keep old abilities. This is also the second of four FFs that have crystals a big part of the stories.

FF4- Fourth hardest in my opinion, even though I only played the easy version extensively (got about half way through the game). I almost got killed in a dungeon or two. Almost. I just felt that it was kind of easy and quick. I might have a different opinion if I have played the hard version extensively, but I haven't. I have heard things though, and I already played a little bit of the hard version. Cecil has a cool DWave attack there that drains your life like Ianuki and attacks all unlike Ianuki. I have seen harder shops. I mean, there are no Esuna-like items, there are items that heal a specific ailments, like in FF2 or 3. Maiden's Kiss for frog, a Needle of some kind for stone or paralysis, Antidote for poison, and others. And Ethers can only be bought at the moon, which takes away the capability in the easy version to buy Ethers on earth. By the way, the Ianuki I speak of is from Ogre Battle, a great strategy game published by Enix and made by people at Quest. Quest made FFT AFTER Tactics Ogre which was AFTER Ogre Battle. I like this game, it kept my interest for 20+ hours. For some reason, I lost interest after beating Rubicant the first time.

FF5- Fifth hardest in my opinion. By the way, I use the rom not Anthology. I support RPGe translations. Bartz? Reina? Those sound worse. Its Butz and Lenna! There are some things I want to know though. Is Galuf's grandaughter's name Cara or Karuru? Does Renzouku mean X-Magic? How come Samurais suck without Ianuki? How come Ninjas seem weak at first glance, but are awesome once you realize the potential of two weapons? How come Call magic is ridiculously more effective than Black magic? I mean, Fire 2 on all and Ifrit deal around the same magic cast by the same Black Wizard, but Call spells have better chance of dealing damage to an enemy than a regular Black spell. Look at those black flamish enemies around the Istory, you'll see what I mean when you cast a Bolt 2 on all and then a Ramuh spell. Why is this easier than FF4 in my opinion? Once you buy a spell, everyone has it. Ninjas here are better than Edge in attack power. You can have different combos of classes with other abilities. And, I almost died on one boss, but not a dungeon. I like this game, the classes are fun. The furthest I got was the first town in the second world, but my save somehow got erased, so I'm back at the warp from the first world to the second world. The boss that almost killed me (it did kill me once)? It was that boss right before you go into the airborne ruins on world one. The one you fight after blowing up the first 4+ cannons. Oh yeah, one more thing. There is one enemy that I really hate, and it is that really evil thing that lurks in the basement of Worus castle. The Garkimasuru (not sure on spelling). It has 666 HP and it can't die! Scan says it is weak to fire, water, holy, etc. But I tried them, and they healed it! And I always miss with my attacks! It can't die! Thank goodness for Protect and the Safe spell, or else I would never have gotten that semi-worthless treasure in that basement. Protect really does prevent all physical damage from one attack!

FF6- Sixth hardest. I was never worried about dying in the dungeon due to my Demi-god like levels. You can cast up to 999 spells with the Economizer, and you can gain back MP with Osmose. And, everyone except for Umaro can learn every spell in the game. Kefka was easy with my strategy. Do I like this game? I love it. It's my favorite game in the world. It's also the first RPG that I have played while I conciously knew that it was a RPG. Not much else to say about it.

FF7- Least hardest. Like 6, I never worried about dying due to my high levels. The only reason this is easier is because it is easier to gain levels and cash here. I like this game, but I don't like this as much as the others. It just doesn't interest me as much. It could be the futuristic setting turning me off......Or it could be the materia system.

FF8- Never played it and I don't want to play it.

FFLegend 1,2, and 3- They're Saga games, not Final Fantasy games!

FF Adventure- This isn't a Final Fantasy either, it's really the prequel to Secret of Mana. Its name is Seiken Densetsu. I'm not sure if I spelled it right though. There, done. Those were my 2 gold pieces. The freezomaniac beedrill says bye!

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