Someone Finally Gets It

by Ben Breier

As I read the editorial of Arcana regarding Squaresoft, I couldn't help but realize that s/he has said what I've tried to say all along. Although, I will have to disagree with one point. I do not think the reason that people split from the Xenogears team to Monolith Software instead of Square, was probably not because Square did not want to make another game in the series, but maybe there were some creative differences of where the game should go. The game was great, it may not have made a lot of money on this side of the pacific, but I believe in Japan the game was quite profitable and popular, please correct me if I am wrong.

However, I also have theories on why other games, some by Square, were not brought to the States. My theory on the CT Remake, is that American's in general do not take their gaming as seriously, and will not be willing to pay 40 bucks for a SNES game with anime cut scenes. Technically, Final Fantasy Anthology was this, but with the multiple games, it could be sold as a "collectors item" of sorts. Again, this does not occur too many times, but this is my theory behind why CT will not be brought here in it's PSX reincarnation.

9/10 times though, it's just because either the producing company has released similar products that have failed, or not sold well, or they don't even want to give the US market a chance (case in point: Konami and Tokemi Memorial 2, chances are, because of it's abstract themes, we shall never see the game) I will admit, since we have seen games like Bust-a-Groove(and hopefully Enix's sequel) and a later conversion of Seaman to land on our shores, that the Japanese Developers are beginning to realize that we are a more diverse culture than things like market research can show.

As for some reasons why companies aren't seeing the profits that they deserve, it's the video game rental industry, which I am completely against. Sure, Blockbuster may buy a couple copies of Xenogears, but when hunderds of people play the game by rental, it hurts Square right in their big fat pocket.

Don't rent, don't buy, borrow occasionally if you aren't sure. If you want to get a message to the Japanese consumer, purchase your games that you are interested in. Demo's are a good idea, or go look up reviews on RPG webpages. Heed these words that Arcana and myself bring to you, and maybe, we shall see more landmark titles on our shores. Front Mission 3 is just the beginning.......

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