Rebuttle to: Final Fantasy 8 story...Houston, weve got a problem...

by Anthony Brunoe

Well, here we go again.

To start, what is UP with Balamb Garden? They are wacked out! Cid: "Um let me see, my wife is an evil sorceress and I really don't know how to run a garden, but I will promote a 17 yr. old to my place because I had a mid-life crisis and I just want to be home with my teddy bear, but hey-- I can still be a good leader."I think Squaresoft must have been out to lunch with the whole Cid/ Balamb garden story. How did they ever put Edea with Cid in the first place?

How did they ever put Cid with Edea? Well, maybe you need to cut back on the naps you take while playing but, Cid and Edea were married before she had ever become a sorceress. As far as the whole Balamb thing, yes, Cid had something like a mid-life crisis. Guess what? That happens! Wow, what a concept, putting an actual event that occurs with many people in the game! As far as Squall becoming leader, that was a little strange, I'll give you that much.

Speaking if Edea, how can it be that Squall, who won't trust the girl of his dreams with his thoughts will trust an apparently schizophrenic evil sorceress to join his party right after she practically killed his party and got hold of all the power? Oh.. this makes perfect sense.

Again, it would be to your benefit to be in FRONT of the TV while playing this game. When did Squall not trust the girl of his dreams? If he ever did, you have to look at it from his perspective. He is an insecure, loner who fears sharing his deep thoughts to protect himself emotionally. Having Edea join up was hardly an emotional ordeal. She was depending on Squall, and Squall thought it would be beneficial to have her on the team. No where did he need to share his emotional problems with Edea, and therefore you can't really make this an example.

The whole orphanage thing is also stupid. How can they all have been from the same orphanage at the same time, and be different ages, have separated from each other, and if Squall is such a "promising student" how come Quistis got to be the instructor? Speaking of which, what kind of high-tech, state-of-the-art training garden would allow so young a girl to teach others her own age?

Yeah, maybe it's far-fetched, but this is a game (by the way, they're all the same age). Do you recall Final Fantasy VI? There was that one part where Setzer's airship falls apart, and the WHOLE CAST (with the exception of Gogo and Umaro) go plunging to certain death below. But what's this? They ALL survive the fall, and are able to reunite after the world has been thrown into total chaos. Yeah, the orphanage thing is REALLY far-fetched.

Another weak point, "if Squall is such a 'promising student' how come Quistis got to be the instructor?" Ever stop to think that Quistis was a more promising student than Squall? She even explains how she entered the Garden early, graduated, and became an instructor. Come to think of it, 10 year old prodigies have been started attending college! As far as her being too young to be training students her age, maybe you should think of this. How could Celes, and 18 year-old girl (yes, she's 18) become a GENERAL in an Emperial army?

OK, now I pose the question, is it just me, or does anyone else get bored with the whole army thing, fighting thing, faction thing?! I would just like to take time out in the game and not fight anyone for 2 hours of good gameplay and not feel guilty for straying from the quest of saving world, or getting SeeD points deducted! Maybe Squaresoft could have integrated some main storyline non-fighting things to do.

Yeah, I hated that SeeD payment and rank thing too, but that's hardly a basis to hate a whole game. Besides, isn't fighting part of the gameplay?

All right, I'll admit that FF8 is pretty fun, and I enjoy knowing that any minute a video will come up and enhance the really cool parts, like falling off of cliffs and seeing Esthar for the first time. But isnt there some way to improve Rinoa's legs so they dont look like toothpicks in the meantime? I mean, Im a girl you see, and I just cant see Rinoa fighting in dresses. Why dont they doan the girls in more practical battle wear? I guess THAT's a question for the ages...

That wasn't really a dress, and I don't think when the group embarked on this journey they stopped to think, "Hey, we're not dressed quite right, let's stop at the Timber Gap and pick up something more suitable for fighting." That's hardly a valid complaint in my opinion.

I see a common problem here. If you look for mistakes or negative aspects of a game, you're going to find them. Why not play the game and quit picking it apart? Believe it or not, the people at Square are humans. Wow! Actual humans! They make mistakes, and they're not perfect. So quit expecting perfection from imperfect humans, especially when you lack valid or worth-while complaints.

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