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Okay, this may not just concern RPG gamers, but probably all gamers, as well as anime otakus or whatever you may be. Let's see, how can I start this? Ah yes, have you ever noticed how "normal" people, what I mean by "normal" I'll get to in a minute, always seem to look down upon us gamers. You've no doubt felt that. When I say "normal", of course I mean people who don't play videogames or under any circumstances like fantasy/science fiction material. You know, ignorant people, people who probably consider something like Ninja Scroll to be kid material. Anyway, for as long as I can remember, videogames, comic books/manga, animation in general, and various other things in this category seem to always be made fun of, one way or another. I for one despise this attitude, and I'm sure you all do as well.

I love anime, videogames, etc. and hate it when "normal" people jest on my cherished, shall we say, favorite pursuits. Those people disgust me, and the part that hurts most, is that 75% of the human race are included in my special "normal" rank. What I'm trying to say is that, how can people, who haven't any knowledge of any kind of something, be so bias and prejudice against it? How can we be classified as geeks, when the classifiers are just as absorbed as we are in their romance novels, or daily viewings of Who wants to be a Millionaire? I mean, I could hardly be called a geek. I have a girlfriend (and a damn fine one too), as well as plenty of friends, of which some do and some don't play videogames, as well as an exceptional soccer player. Now, just because I play videogames, or watch anime, or like Pokemon, or whatever, I'm classified as a geek? That title should be saved for those...hmmm, never mind, now I'm just being as bias as "normal" people, gomen nasai. My point is, something has to be done, and not just because I don't want to be called a geek, but a much better reason, of which I'll get to in a minute, or rather, right now.

As I was saying, a much better reason why something must be done, is because those "normal" people are preventing us from doing what we love. Case in point, me. Let me introduce myself; I'm a sophomore in high school, who has been playing games (especially RPGs) for as long as he can remember, and he would one day love to work in the field he loves so much. Yep, much like most of you, I dream of one day working with the likes of Hironobu Sakaguchi and Hideo Kojima. Currently, I'm planning on going to DigiPen Institute of Technology and, well, planning like crazy. However, there is one major obstacle in my path; my father. As I've said, this industry is looked down upon by "normal" people, my father, unfortunately, is included in that "normal" class.

So yeah, he and I argue endlessly about my future, but that is precisely my point. His knowledge of this industry is so limited, that he thinks I'm doing all this just for "fun." Of course I'm having fun, aren't you? But, what he, and everybody else, don't realize is that I, and a lot of you, are dead serious about this. We have plans and goals, just like someone who would like to be a doctor, and our paths ahead will be just as hard and shaky as anyone else's. Just because we're making videogames, or anime, or comic books doesn't mean our jobs are any easier! That is exactly what "normal" people think, but tell me, how much different is a movie director from an anime director? "Normal" people don't realize that. Hence, that is exactly why I say something must be done, and soon. Of course, there are things being done; the new Animation category in the, Oscars, I think, is a great example. However, I'm doubtful that there will be actually any anime or Pokemon movies included. How or what we can do, I'm sure I don't have any bright ideas I admit, but I'm just as equally sure that there are those of you out there with excellent ideas. And I'm sure my father will get around to seeing things my way, eventually.

So in conclusion, I just want all of you reading this to know, that whoever you are, and whatever you want to do, never give up. I don't care what anyone calls me, and neither should you. You know who you are, and what you're capable of, and believe me, this society needs all of us just as bad as lawyers, probably even more. So please, who cares what Joe Lieberman or anyone says, we are definitely needed, not to mention wanted! Of course, you all will be my future competition, but I don't mind. Well, thanks for listening to my prolonged ranting, I hope to meet you guys out in the field someday, and I hope I win, but with even greater hope that I helped someone out there.

A bit of a grammar error: while I have no doubt he has a girlfriend and many excellent friends, he probably /is/ an excellent soccer player rather than owning an excellent soccer player.

The editorial's done in a nice, colloquial style, and I'm certain that many readers will empathize with the predicament. It was also an interesting way to bring anime, games and comics into the public eye.

The style both makes the editorial more personal and also much lighter to read - it's a fitting style for the content. The empathy for the predicament only makes it easier to read, but I find that personally the brief spurt of Japanese broke the tone of the editorial slightly. While I'm all for snippets of Japanese (I use them myself) and while the tone of the editorial is very light and conversational, it's still all in all a serious editorial, and the Japanese seems to break from that.

All in all, a very good editorial, enjoyable to read and with good advice for any frustrated fan. Overall, just short of an A grade.

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