Why Do We Play Games?

by Rubik Haftevani 

Submitted by: (Rubik Haftevani)
Spelling 2
Grammar 1.5
Coherency 4
Strength of Arguments 3.5
Presentation 3.5
Originality 3
Penalties 0
Total 17.5

When asking this question, I think it is important to ask other questions as well. For example, why do people enjoy looking at paintings, reading poems, or watching movies? Why do people enjoy watching television shows or reading books? I think there is one common answer that is true for each of these questions.

When you do any of these activities, you are looking for something that you like. For example, when you watch a television show and it makes you laugh, you enjoy the show. If the book you are reading fascinates you, you will like the author. If you read a poem and it seems to describe yourself and/or a part of your life, you will admire the poet. All these events make you feel a connection to the producer of them. You feel like that person is similar to you, is someone that would like you, and is someone who understands you. When I play a game against someone else, I am testing the strength of my opponent. I want to see if he/she is my equal. If I am playing alone, I want my computer opponents to be challenging and the characters in the story to be interesting. I like it when the characters say things that I would say and have some of the same good and bad habits as me. I like it when I am allowed to display my personality on my character and have my actions affect the world appropriately. The closer the game, poem, movie, book, television show, or painting represents our views and beliefs (at least the more important ones, we don't like people who are too similar to us), the more we enjoy it.

There are other reasons why we enjoy the activities that we do, but I believe that this is one of most important reasons why. So maybe our quest to find the best game there is to play is not really because we simply like the graphics, battle system, plot, or characters. Maybe the quest we are really on is the quest for friendship.

Well, there was one grammatical mistake I spotted, which accounts for the half marked docked. ("habits as me..." should be "habits that I have")

It is a very interesting point which I found within this editorial, although rather simple. It is a very interesting point but I personally found myself thinking "Isn't there more to this?". It could have gotten into more detail, giving examples, but the core of the editorial is a simple and very close one. Maybe somewhat controversal, considering many would not claim this to be their reason, but it is certainly something to think about.

It's simple to read, simple to understand but the point it makes is quite a profound one. If it went into more detail or went into more of why we do, I think this could have won it.

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