The Guile of Magus

by Josh 

As the title might suggest, it is my theory that Guile is Magus in Chrono Cross. First and foremost, the superficial reasons: Guile wears a golden mask to conceal his identity. When he runs, he levitates in a position that is strikingly similar to that of everyone's favorite magician. Also, His innate element color is black, not unlike Magus. Next, his hair -style and color, while different is similar to that of the prince of zeal.

Now, we have the reasons that are based in subtext. The most interesting argument for Guile's being Magus, is in my opinion, that the word "guile" means, trickery, which would back up the theory that Guile's mask is hiding his true identity. However, that in my opinion is not the most convincing of arguments, rather it lies game "Radical Dreamers" which was a Chrono Trigger spin off for Nintendo's version of the Sega Channel in Japan. In this game there are 3 main characters: Serge, Kidd, and Gil, who are commissioned to steal the frozen flame from the general's mansion. Anyway, it is revealed by journey 's end that "Gil" was Magus in disguise continuing his unending search for his beloved sister Schala. When one takes into account that "Guile" is not much of a linguistic jump from "Gil" and the record found in Chronopolis it becomes increasingly clearer. The thing that finally convinced me was when Lucca said in her letter that Janus might have already found her and Guile just happened to be in party at the time. Whether that is a good reason or not is entirely up to you.

Now, there theories are not without holes and flaws and I'm sure there are some of you out there who still contest the idea of him being in the game at all , but I believe that Magus will appear in as many incarnations as he has to in order to be reunited with the estranged Schala.

Please e-mail me with comments, or even arguments until next time, friends

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