How gaming helps you do homework!

by Greg Campbell  ICQ: 33013974 and 43937461 (primary) AIM: Endarire

It's around that time of year again when people lie frozen in the streets, blizzards knock out power to communities, and of course, people get games as gifts. Now, this holiday season, if you're experienced enough to understand the complexities of things such as why Squaresoft didn't release FFV on the SNES or Xenogears's plot, then you probably have a major load of homework to do. And that means less playing time if you want to be a success at something other than seeing how long you can go without losing feeling in your wrists? Unfortunately, probably. But this editorial (and its author) are here to help you in your struggle to explore strange new worlds while keeping up in chemistry (or any other subject).

There are a few methods to get you 'in tune' for homework tackling. The first way, and probably the most effective for making you not want to play the game anymore is to do it for about 4-10 hours, taking breaks for food, drink, bathroom, strat guide/game assistance and other 'emergency' stops. This is what I call the "burn out" method, you become so burned out with a game according to your brain that you WANT to do something different, like homework. (It's the inverse effect of school, where you do schoolwork and attend classes for hours straight so much that you get burned out and want to game.) I've found that this works, but results are diminished if there's a long break or sleep between the burn out session and the gaming session.

Method nummer zwei (Method #2) is the relevancy method. With this technique, you play a game with similar principles to your homework. Got a report to do on the Battle of Tours? Final Fantasy Tactics. Got some serious math homework? Might and Magic 3's spider cavern (specifically the Lord's Puzzle) will do just nicely. Been delaying that essay on useage/mechanics in English? Interpret Daravon and see what he has going wrong. Want to know how Romeo and Juliet is evident in life today? Final Fantasy VII. Want to practice your typing speed for keyboarding class? Play almost any multiplayer game and type with only correct grammar, spelling and punctuation. See if that chaingunner, flame demon or whatever hasn't killed you get.

The next time someone tells you that playing Final Fantasy IX for 16 hours straight is a day wasted, feel free to thank them, knowing they're wrong. (|=^)


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