Re: When is the Final Fantasy going to be the Final Fantasy?

by Elena Holman 

I have a few points in here, but I'm going to make one smaller one first. All of you people that keep whinning about Square speeding along the process of final fantasy games, please think about this. Square is a now a very well known company, and has been growing more and more popular. Do you honestly think they only have one single little team working on all the final fantasy games and hurrying them up to get them out in time? Of course not! They are a large company and different people work on different games. Don't beleive me? Look at and see the news article for yourself, they also say that the people that worked on FFVIII are now working on FFX. That would make sense for how soon it's coming out, they stagger their teams. Doesn't that make you feel more comforted about it too? It's still taking the same amount of time to make the games, they just have more people doing it. Actually, this system could allow games to have a LONGER production time if Square wished it so. So please, don't just assume that Square is trying to earn themselves a few million quick bucks, they are still about making a piece of art.

Final Fantasy is known for having repeats in it's games, that's what makes it a series. If there wasn't a Cid in every game, an airship in every game, and a hero that bands together with others to fight a greater evil, it would not be Final Fantasy. Of course if you look at these things as bad, you're not going to like Final Fantasy games. How did you get to FF9 anyway if you don't like themes the same to a certain extent? The fun of Final Fantasy is to look for these recurring themes, know they're coming, and see how the storyline uses the same things in a brand new, wonderous rpg that, yes, still has some individuality to it.

The rest of the editorial I'm replying to was opinion based, and the author is very much entitled to those opinions. Call me stupid, but I didn't predict the things he/she had. I didn't see Dagger protecting her mother at all. I didn't find every incident irritatingly explained. And if it was irritating, are you sure that wasn't just Steiner's at first purposefully irritating character coming through? The characterization is amazing in this game.

I myself have played FF2 (with Cecil), FFVI, VII, VIII and IX, and have loved them all with the exception of the first one. It's the only one besides FFIX, which I'm going through again now, that I haven't played through all the way about three times. I started with the "old school" games about 5 to 6 years ago, and they just keep getting better. My favorite used to be FFVI, and now it's FFIX. Why am I telling you this? If an FF fan who has been playing and loving FF games since pretty early in the series still likes them by her 5th one and likes the latest one the best, doesn't that say something? Square is doing a fantastic job, and as long as you just enjoy the game and don't pick at it, the series is also doing a fantastic job. In conclusion, Square IS still about quality over quantity, and always will be.

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