RE: Bringing It All Together

by Aaron M. Hall 

Hopefully, you're editorial will make more sense once you finish all the parts, but I was just wondering where you were going with this?

It seems you're saying FF9 sucked because of its lack of originality. If so, while I agree originality was lacking due to the purpose of this game bringing all of FF's best features together, this does not make it a bad game. Afterall, you could make your same comparisons of FF9's characters with previous games.

For example, consider the love relationship between Squall and Rinoa... reminds me a lot of Edge and Rydia... both, um, admire the other very much but never really know how to show it to the one they love. Edge and Squall always have to show that they are big, tough, macho guys in order to impress the girl. Rydia and Rinoa have special abilities and don't know how to handle them, are really sad, lonely women that try to cover it up.

Maybe I have you all wrong... I hope you're not trying to say FF9 sucked, because it didn't. For me, it has been the best FF since FF6. I really enjoyed all the remniscing that there was, and yet it still had a sense of beauty with all the FMV's, fun and challenge (much harder than 7 or 8), excitement (surprising plot twists - yeah, I knew the Queen wouldn't be the villian), and an awesome musical to boot. In fact, it's the only FF to make me cry (that's right, a 21-year old male crying) besides FF6 and the death of Leo for such a foolish hatred by Kefka.

You want originality? Consider this -- how many games in the FF series have attempted to kill the hero as in FF9? How many times has the ending made you want to just jump in the game and beat some ass because the hero died, and then surprise you to the point of excited crying that he's still alive afterall.

That's pretty much all I have to say. It was good seeing your name on the editorials page again, and I look forward to seeing your continuations!

One more thing - why does everyone insist on dissing Quina. I liked Quina as much as Vivi. In fact, my primary party is Zidane, Dagger, Vivi, Quina. My logic? Quina's Twister spell works WONDERS against Necron. I have never seen it take less than 7000 HP damage (Quina being at level 53). True the character fits in like a nail in a skull, but this is the first time I've actually cared about the blue-magic abilities. Strago and Gau, etc. have always been useless to me.

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