The truth about Dragons

by Ender 

OK, now I realize that I was the writer of the dragon editorial from before. But I now see a few of my mistakes, and a few of the things I didn't know about due to lack of gaming experience (not big on PC RPGs). First of all, it seems MANY seem to agree with my ideas here, I've found my mailbox totally flooded once or twice. But many also thought I should know of some examples.

There was one thing in particular which caught my interest though. I instant messaged with one such person for around twenty minutes. He made me realize that dragons are used to create a mood or setting in RPGs. They are basically used to give more of a fantasy theme than they are as part of the story (OTHER than fighting your characters for a stupid reason).

Dragons are POWERFUL!!! I don't know what makes Squall think he can handle Bahamut. A single dragon in a few PC RPGs (so I'm told) have the ability to decimate an entire party with very little discomfort. But in most games, they are just unintelligent creatures who randomly use their magic and don't even try to win intelligently. Where's the fun in that? Now that Breath of Fire 4 is out. I won't have to worry about this too much. But after a while, I'm gonna be demanding it again.

Now I realize most of this is old ground, but there is more. The whole idea of dragons attacking your party at random is quite stupid really. In all the books and stories I've read, dragons were always very peace loving, except when dealing with things they thought to be a threat to the world (kinda like me). It's not that I'm saying there shouldn't be any battles with dragons, but maybe they should be on your side, after all, you're fighting to save the world too (unless someone uses my idea about using a bad guy as the main character in a game). In fact, the only time where a fight with a dragon would even be a reasonable event is when you are a bad guy.

Another example is just now coming to me as I sit here playing Final Fantasy 8 (oh GOD the horror, shut up you guys, FF8 was a good game, for those of you who don't like a game with a mix of scifi or fantasy need to realize that there is no such thing as perfect black or white, just different shades of gray). Where was I? Oh yes, the Ruby Dragon in one of the Laguna sequences... the dragon is attacking him for no reason... um... wait, no, never mind. Strike that one. But it happens so often. Why does the Mist Dragon attack you in Suikoden 1 you ask? You are intruding on it's privacy, and you've pissed it off. That's why that one attacks. It's got a good reason. Why are YOU there?

Well, like I said before, BoF4 is now out, so I'll be content for a while... but someone needs to do something. If they don't, generations may go by believing that the greatest creatures of our imagination are nothing more than beasts.


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