Magus in Chrono Cross?

by Dark Einlanzer 

Being my favorite character from Chrono Trigger, I was determined to figure out what has happened to the bad mother in Chrono Cross. So, after carefully analyzing the game through, I have come to three conclusions as to where the beloved scythe-toting mage is now.

The first theory is a bit extreme, but not impossible: Serge is Magus. There are several reasons for this possibility.

1) Schala fought her way through the depths of time and Lavos' power just because she heard a baby crying. Any Trigger vet knows that bro and sis were close-knit, and if Schala heard Magus' cries, perhaps that was why she was able to fight through Lavos' power.

2) Lucca's letter to Kid mentions the possibility that Janus may be standing behind Kid even as she reads the letter; though Kid isn't even aware of who Janus is.

3) The fact that Serge is so ungodly more powerful than all the other characters would also point to Magus.

My second theory is that the game only briefly mentions Janus once--and many who choose a different path would never even catch it. If you don't rescue Kid, a strange man from the mainland just happens to hop on over and give Doc the humor.

1) Again, Janus and Schala were close-knit and if Magus learned of Kid's plight, he would certainly be willing to travel to save his sister.

2) It sounds as if it was one man--in which case it was one man who killed a hydra by himself. Magus has ample power to do this.

Finally, my last idea is that I'm a crack-head and he's not in the game at all. I may just be stretching, but both theories sound relatively feasible. Any comments?

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