Replies and short essays regarding mythical links between VII and VIII along with various other items

by Laura Organa Solo 

Hey, let's compile some info about re-appearing characters. Just mention things as you remember it. I know there're lotsa of cameos in FF, but if we take it slowly, we can get them all. So, let's get started.

You know the two that have been picking my brain for the past three years is the continued appearence of the ever-dispensible characters by the name of Biggs and Wedge. I don't know if any of you around here are fellow Star Wars fans but in the first SW movie, A New Hope there are two pilots with huge backstories (like every minor character in the Star Wars galaxy) named Biggs Darklighter and Wedge Antilles. Biggs was a friend of Luke Skywalker's back on their homeplanet of Tatooine and is tragically killed in ANH. Wedge, an orphan from the system of Corellia (Han Solo's home) however, survives all three movies of the original trilogy and goes on to serve the Alliance into its transformation of the New Republic as a hotshot pilot and all-around great guy. Is it possible that there's a relation? I've been wondering for a long time.

Some guy named cid is in all the FF's. Don't know how that would mean they take place in the same world. Maybe the name Cid is common like the name John or Michael in the U.S.

Err, not really. I have a couple friends who either live or have lived in Japan. But I still wonder why all those Cids.

Most of the espers were GFs and Summons. Shiva even practically has the same attack in FF6 that she has in FF8. Gem dust to Diamond dust. Ifrit is about the same too only his is less obvious.

Shiva, ironically, is actually a male God in the Hindu religion, I believe. He represents a ton of different things but war and fertility, mostly. Ifrit's an oldie but so are Odin, Gilgamesh, Cactuar (yea!!), and Tonberry, which are even harder in FF8 than they were in VII... and that is hard.

It also seems as if the world maps are the same.

I don't know about the other FFs but the worlds of VII and VIII are very similar looking. I've been trying to put together a full-fledged theory of them being the same world only FF8 way into the future and there being some continental drifting but there's still too many loose ends to tie up so I'm still formulatiing. Anyway.

The west, east, and northern continents seem to have shifted farther North and Wutai pushed southeast. The Northern continent has turned 90 to the righ, except the crater is sort of in the middle. Yes, there IS a crater in FF8!! The Balamb Garden can't fly over it and even Xu (or was it that guy?) makes a comment about it. So somehow the Northern continent has been turned around.

Cosmo Canyon and the Desert Prison, both on the westerly continents, are in roughly the same place. Mideel islands have shifted to the west and are now all grouped together with Wutai to form that whole area where the Lunar Cry took place and near where the Centra Ruins are located. I don't have an explanation for the eastern quicksand desert (think Gold Saucer) or what happened with Midgar but I do think that all this is plausible thanks to current theories of continental drift.

Here's something that might make ya think. I read this on a website. Is Zell related to Cloud & Tifa?? First off, Zell fights like Tifa and they have some of the same limit breaks. Second, Zell's grandfather was a famous soldier (Cloud was famous soldier). This would also imply that Cloud & Tifa got together though. I dunno, I thought it was interesting. -- Elle

Here come FF7 spoilers...

See, more support for my theory-in-works, although grandfather is too close to be Cloud. I wonder if there might be some distant relationship, though. Since you mention Tifa and Cloud, I'll toss in something else.

Since the ending to FF7 is completely devoid of really a true closure (which I think is good and bad: good because it leaves the player to formulate their own theories, bad because there's no closure! *huff*). Obviously Cloud is still hanging onto memories of Aeris. After defeating Sephiroth and going through that tunnel, Aeris's theme plays and surrounding by a brilliant, green a light, a hand beckons Cloud. Now when I first thought this, with Aeris's theme playing and the green and all, I thought "She's alive!! Aeris is alive!! ... or is Cloud dead?! *gasp*" But then Cloud shakes out of his haze to see Tifa, motioning him urgently as the walls around him crumble. We all know they speak for a moment, as Cloud holds Tifa slightly indifferently in one arm, Cloud saying he's beginning to understand the Planet, and then he talks about meeting her in the Promised Land.

I hate to go off on a tangent but I really feel for Tifa at this point. She's risked her life for Cloud all these times and she's always, always loved him and now the world's falling apart and they've gone through so much and still all he can say is that he wants to see Aeris again. *takes a big deep breath after the run on sentence* *sigh* Poor Tifa. She bears it well, though, and answers positively, encouraging as always. But I digress.

Anyway. What the heck was I getting to? So everyone-- Cloud, Tifa, Barret, Yuffie Cait Sith, Cid, Vincent, and Red XIII all live in the end. Where they go, I can't guess. I don't think Cloud finds Aeris, though. It would seem to me that they just aren't "destined" to be together in "this" world. It is my theory that Cloud and Tifa eventually do get together and probably live, for the most part, happily ever after. I see it as something a bit like Raoul and Christine in Phantom of the Opera (well, Sir Andrew Lloyd Weber's version anyway... I never cared for Gaston Leroux)... bittersweet and one partner always silently yearning for their lost love. It's quite possible Zell is a decendent, if my theory were ever "true." I mean, look at his hair. :- ) That same Strife hair color, and similarly styled, too.

I don't know, Squall looks more like a cross between Cloud and Tifa, of course you all know who his parents are.

He certainly has his "father's" attitude by the time we enter the beginning of the game. And their names are both related to weather too. *chuckle*

I might agree with that, except for the fact that Cloud and Tifa appeared to be blown to kibble at the end of FF7, along with the rest of humanity, so I doubt they could have fathered a child.

Err, when were they blown to bits? *scrambles to check in case my theory is void* No they weren't. *cheers for the PC FF7 CDs having all the FMVs on the discs... I wish FF8 did so I wouldn't have to go back to the game to watch*

And there's the fact that Zell isn't any blood relation to the man he calls his grandfather, he was adopted. *Shrugs* Ana (who just has to rain on everyone's parade).

Not mine yet.

Centra and Cetra. The Adel crisis is the 2nd Sorceress War. Ultimecia is the 3rd. Who's the 1st? Hehheh, you'll be surprised. The 1st Sorceresss War destroyed the Centra civilization with the Lunar Cry. What dropped along with it? How about Meteor? And who summoned it? Guess.

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