RPGs and Evil

by Ender 

I SAVED THE WORLD!!!..... again. Gee this is just sooo much fun. Look, the masses will be ignorent to let the same problems come up time and time again. Yes, time and time again, I must play the moron who gets dragged into helping these idiot people of whatever land I live in. WHAT IF I DON'T WANT TO!?!?!

What if I wanna be the opposing general? What if I wanna be the insane freak who wants to destroy the world? At least I have a character to relate to that way. Evil is always more complex than good. Kain is at least twenty times harder to understand than Raziel. Last time I checked, RPGs were scoring high for complex story lines. Hell, none of the older RPGs will have a chance if you go with evil.

Another reason, evil is just more addictive. I often find myself trying to mimic the laugh of Kefka. I'd love a game where I could do that every two minutes. How many people have turned from evil? I DUNNO, but it's not that many. Darth Vader? He had family ties, that doesn't count. Seifer? Well a posse is NEARLY a family. It would keep people hooked.

OK, one last thing? Who has the most hit points? Who has the most powerful spells and summons? Griever? That was the most powerful GF in FFVIII. And who had it? ALTIMICIA!!! How many hit points did she have? (Answer to rhetorical question: TOO F***ING MANY!!!)

Now I realize there are a few games where you are the villan or the bad guy. But most of those are like 1st person shooters. If anyone can come up with more, I'd like to know.

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