Replayability in Chrono Cross

by Ender 

Warning: Several Chrono Cross Spoilers!

Yes, I know. Almost all of you will instantly say that Chrono Cross has replay shooting out of ever opening in it's preverbial body, but I beg to differ. True, there is the whole idea of going back and making a few different decisions to get all the characters... but I don't really consider that replayability. It's like saying that wondering around Kanto in PokeMon for thirty hours just so you can level up/ catch/ buy every one of those creatures is replayability. I don't think so.

Replay value, to me, comes from a lot of things. But can easily be stated... "It feels like, or has a similar effect, everytime you play it." Yeah, I know this doesn't work particularly well with most RPGs, but I STILL have to hold back tears when I see that sword get run through Aeris. I still jump for joy when I see Luca Blight fall. Chrono Cross just didn't do that for me. I jumped for joy when I killed FATE/Lynx/Chrono's dad... the first time. The second time, it just seemed like I had beaten another bad guy.

Now, I don't want you to get me wrong. If you're into running around trying to level up all your characters, and getting all their ultimate weapons... well, then you'll love Chrono Cross. For those of us who just want something that will keep us entertained the 5th and 6th time through, I'd suggest something else.

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