In Defence of Yuffie and Selphie

by Haruka-Minako 

Warning: Contains Final Fantasy VII and Final Fantasy VIII spoilers

Many many people have some form of hatred for these two characters, Yuffie Kisaragi of Final Fantasy VII, and Selphie Tilmitt of Final Fantasy VIII. I decided to write this editorial after reading once too many times that Selphie is a 'bimbo'. Everyone is entitled to their opinion, so here is mine.

This editorial will consider a few points for each character, giving my opinion, and also possible reasons why the character is disliked.

Yuffie Kisaragi from Final Fantasy VII

Why hate her?

Yuffie is 16 years old, a 'ninja' and materia hunter. This last point could be the root of many RPGamers' hatred for her. On the first trip to Wutai, Yuffie's home town, she runs off with the party's materia, and the player will then have to go through a side quest to get the materia back. However, Yuffie was hunting materia so she could have a large enough collection to help her hometown. Admittedly, she went about it wrongly by stealing, but in my opinion she had a good reason to be hunting for materia.

Physical Strength

Many people also argue that she is weak. On the contrary, I found Yuffie to be one of the strongest characters (physically). It was Yuffie who I used all the way in Battle Square at the Gold Saucer in order to get the W-Summon materia and the Omnislash Limit Break manual. Add to this the fact that Yuffie brings some very good materia into the party when she joins it. She has the Throw materia, which can be grown to obtain the Coin command. Using the Coin command is a quick (although expensive) way to defeat enemies, including the weapons.


Finally, another thing that makes or breaks an RPG character is the personality of that character. Yuffie has a very upbeat character, she is always positive, and although she can be overly confident of her skills as a fighter, I find this is overshadowed by her playful nature. She is not afraid to go after what she wants, shown by her stealing the party's materia, and going out on her own to gather materia for Wutai. This latter point also shows her patriotism and dedication to her hometown. My opinion

I like Yuffie for her strength (she is a regular in my party), and the fact that her cheery personality counteracts the dark plot of Final Fantasy VII.

Selphie Tilmitt from Final Fantasy VIII

Why hate her?

Selphie is 17 years old, and described as carefree. Many RPGamers call her a bimbo, but I think this is totally out of line. This label probably results from her numerous celebrations (I like to call it the Selphie-style woohoo!), her falling for Irvine's sweet talk, and her habit of singing on trains (although I don't see Zell being insulted for jumping about on the SeeD train sofa). Although she can be lured in by Irvine, I don't think these points are reasons for being called a bimbo. I found her character to be deeper than this. She has a genuine care for Trabia Garden and her old schoolmates. She is polite to everyone, and always cheerful when things are going bad, especially after Trabia Garden was hit by the Galbadian missiles. Also, I'm just guessing here, but wouldn't one have to be intelligent to be a SeeD?

Physical Strength

In Final Fantasy VIII, there weren't really any very weak or very strong characters, each character had seemed to be equally strong. One of Selphie's strengths is most definately her Limit Break. The Full-Cure spell is obviously a very important one (it comes in very handy in numerous occasions, especially during the final battle), Rapture is a great way to get rid of an enemy quickly, Wall is very useful for strategic battles, and The End is just an awesome spell. What better way to get rid of an enemy? Also, her Limit Break can be used to cast spells like Ultima, Meteor, Pain and many others without actually losing any spells from her inventory (and in so doing, reducing the stats these spells are junctioned to).


The thing I like most about Selphie is her personality. In my opinion, she is the most emotionally mature of all the characters. Even after her beloved Trabia Garden was struck by Galbadian missiles, she was still positive, even Quistis notices this ("Selphie's trying to act happy"). Unlike Quistis or Rinoa, who tended to show that they were unhappy, Selphie was strong, kept a smile on her face and helped the other Trabian students, like when she was talking to the two children at Trabia Garden about her teddy bear that they had lost. Admittedly, Selphie can be immature, but I think that she does this to have fun, not because she is actually a baby. In my opinion, she knows where to draw the line, when the fun stops and she has to start being mature.

My opinion

I find Selphie to be deeper than many RPGamers make her out to be. She is often called a bimbo, but I think that Selphie's emotional strength and positive outlook make her far more mature than Squall. Also, she gets to pilot the Ragnarok!

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